Phil Lesh & Bob Weir Will Perform A Special Duo Set At LOCKN’, And You Probably Won’t See It

first_imgToday, LOCKN’ Festival announced their “Super VIP” lineup and, as usual, it’s pretty damn exciting. The Super VIP sets are extremely intimate, exclusive performances held during the festival that are open only to those with Super VIP passes (which also get you access to special viewing areas for Main Stage shows, a separate campground, air-conditioned bathrooms and showers, catered meals, and more). LOCKN’s Super VIP program offers a fortunate few the opportunity for once-in-a-lifetime experiences–the chance to see huge artists up-close-and-personal, on a small stage, in a small crowd, tucked away alongside tens of thousands of GA attendees.The announcement press release describes the LOCKN’ Super VIP sets as “a culmination of creativity, inspiration, and imaginative collaboration.” This is no exaggeration. On Friday, August 25th, Keller Williams & Friends will play the Super VIP stage. Sunday will see Jorma Kaukonen play a solo performance, and Friday and Saturday late-night, Super VIPs will be able to enjoy dance parties with DJ Logic. But the clear highlight of the LOCKN’ Super VIP schedule is “A Very Special Hour w/ Phil Lesh & Bob Weir on Saturday, August 26th.The two founding Grateful Dead members will also be performing an exciting set for the main festival crowd with the Terrapin Family Band (a one-time tribute to the Dead’s seminal 1977 album Terrapin Station), so the LOCKN’ masses will surely get their fair share of Phil and Bobby. And, of course, LOCKN’ is one of the year’s biggest festivals for a reason: With a ridiculous schedule of some of the best artists in the scene (that Thursday String Cheese > Umphrey’s > String Cheese > Umphrey’s > Biscuits lineup is almost too good to be true) and a host of other exciting artists and collaborations on the docket (Gov’t Mule, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, Widespread Panic, John Butler Trio, Greensky Bluegrass, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, moe., The Marcus King Band, etc.), nobody is getting shorted on incredible music at this event. It’s a slam dunk.But the fact remains that on LOCKN’ Saturday, Phil Lesh & Bob Weir will play together on a piece of land that’s simultaneously occupied with thousands upon thousands of people who gladly would travel halfway across the world–let alone hike across Infinity Downs Farm–to see these two guys play together, and that majority won’t see the performance. It’s a topic on which people tend to have strong and differing opinions.That’s an inherent part of the increasingly prevalent market for high-end, super VIP, exclusive perks at music festivals. To provide an incredible, singular experience for some you have to, by definition, exclude the many. And that makes sense. Exclusive access is a marketable commodity. We’ve started to see it everywhere to varying degrees, and a few new events have even popped up that cater exclusively to the exclusive crowd charging outrageous sums to “party like rock stars.”They’ve been decidedly hit-or-miss. Last year’s inaugural Desert Trip capitalized successfully on the high-end live music market, selling tickets that ranged from roughly $450 – upwards of $1700 for 3-day tickets. Fans shelled out, and the event was a success, because the event lived up to the high-end experience it offered, with a ridiculous lineup of a generation’s greatest artists, amenities, and curated experiences that matched the ticket prices.But we’ve also seen the pay-to-play model backfire in disastrous fashion. Last weekend’s royally botched Fyre Festival sold extravagantly priced tickets to a purportedly extravagant event, but when attendees arrived at the event’s island locale they were met with no accommodations, lack of water and sewage systems, partially built infrastructure, feral dogs, and other general chaos. All flights to and from the island were cancelled. The event was cancelled before it started, and the organizers had been promptly hit with a $100M class action suit by Monday morning.Whether or not you like it, we live in a free economy, and any business in any industry in this country is driven by the golden rule: supply and demand. As long as the market for exclusive experiences exists, there will always be a vast majority that gets excluded–the proverbial “Phil-and-Bobby-are-playing-right-behind-that-fence-right-there-and-you’re-not-allowed-in,” if you will. And people will always have strong and differing opinions on the matter: “Pay-to-play” vs. “Equality for all.” Just watch…Whatever your thoughts on the high-end live music market, we’ll be in Arrington, VA from August 24th – 27th to join in one of the best parties of the summer. And if you’re heading to LOCKN’ but you’re not Super VIP–don’t fret, friend. We guarantee you’ll see more great music than you know what to do with that weekend. Enjoy it!For more information on LOCKN’, or to purchase tickets, head to the festival’s website. [Cover photo via Getty Images]last_img read more

Your Southern Garden

first_imgLearn about everything from pitcher plants to recycling tires on “Your Southern Garden” with Walter Reeves July 16 at noon and 6:30 p.m. on Georgia Public Broadcasting. Pitcher plants are beautiful and fascinating to watch because they eat insects instead of plant food. Linda Walker will then show how she propagates hundreds of coleus plants at Callaway Gardens. Garden raconteur Felder Rushing will show Reeves how he converts truck tires into planters, using a sharp knife and a well-placed knee.”Your Southern Garden,” produced by the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and UF/IFAS Extension, is a one-of-a-kind program specifically for the Southeast. The program is made possible by sponsorship from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and Clemson Cooperative Extension.Watch “Your Southern Garden” on select public TV stations in Alabama, South Carolina and Florida. Check local listings for details.last_img read more

Game of Thrones Recap: The Red Woman Revealed

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Beware of spoilersThere you have it folks, Jon Snow is dead. Well, for at least one more episode.While we assumed most of the Monday Morning Quarterbacking would be devoted to Jon’s ostensible demise, it was Melisandre that captivated Sunday night’s audience with the reveal that the Red Woman is much older than all of Westeros’ false kings (and Queens) combined.But the Lord of Light priestess’ shocker was just one of the many captivating scenes in a packed hour that effectively set the stage for the much-ballyhooed sixth season, which for the first time won’t be anchored by George R.R. Martin’s book the series is based on.Here’s your LIP GOT recap and some takeaways from Episode 1, The Red Woman:The Game of Thrones show-runners did not waste any time bringing Kit Harrington back into the fold. The premiere started where Season 5 left off, with Jon Snow’s body lying in a pool of his own blood. This time Jon was all alone.There was the omnipresent snowfall at Castle Black mixed in with the heartbreaking howls from Ghost, Jon’s now ownerless direwolf. First on the scene was Davos, who quickly instructed those loyal to Jon to whisk his body away. The few men by Davos’ side barricaded themselves inside a room at Castle Black, where they seem also to be standing guard next to Jon’s body.If he’s not buried or turned into ashes anytime soon, then it makes it exceedingly likely that fan predictions of he-who-knows-nothing’s rebirth will indeed come to fruition. We expect Jon will be lying in a state of repose for some time to build anticipation for his assumed reincarnation, if it ever does come.This brings us to Melisandre, who many have predicted would be the one to bring our dear Jon back from the dead before the frozen zombies get a hold of him. But with Stannis confirmed dead (we think), it seems the once over-confident Melisandre has lost her swagger. Clearly deflated by Stannis’ overwhelming defeat at the hands of the treacherous Boltons, the fire-loving clairvoyant is shocked by Jon’s murder, telling Davos that the flames showed Jon fighting at Winterfell.Perhaps losing confidence in her own beloved deity, we get the premiere’s most compelling reveal: that Melisandre uses her power—perhaps thanks to her supernatural necklace or that well-placed potion—to hide the fact that she is extremely old—perhaps even centuries old. As if she feels like her one true God has betrayed her, The Lord of Light’s sultry enforcer in Westeros morphs into a sagging senior shell of her supernatural self. All she could muster is a slow climb into bed, beside a raging fire.The premiere also offered some hopeful moments, none more inspiring than Brienne’s rescue of Sansa Stark, who GOT fans will remember, fled the Boltons with the help of the man formerly known as Theon. But their legs were no match for human-tormenting Ramsay’s hounds and horse-backed goons. Before Sansa could be taken into captivity yet again, Brienne and a newly confident Podrick emerged from the forest to finally deliver on one of her oaths.After one of those beautifully choreographed GOT battle scenes, it was Brienne and Podrick who emerged victorious, ending with Brienne pledging her life to Sansa, an offering the hardened Stark girl gracefully accepts. Sansa’s rescue is indeed significant because we know the restless Boltons require her help to unite the North. With many families in the North still loyal to the Starks, it could embolden others to join ranks around Sansa if she can successfully rally the northerners to her side. Watch out, Boltons!As for Brienne, it is surprising that she made her long-sought recovery of Sansa one episode into the season after failing miserably to find Catelyn Stark’s eldest daughter. Be that as it may, the twist does move the plot along and gives us a small measure of hope that Sansa will take all of those gross injustices that have befallen her and her family and use it to dish out a healthy helping of revenge.Back where winter is an afterthought and fire-breathing dragons are once again shrieking across the sky, Daenerys is having a tough go of it. The Mother of Dragons, who fled a Sons of the Harpy uprising in Meereen atop one of her ill-tempered dragons at the end of the last season, was dumped in Dothraki territory, where she was taken captive. A chained Daenerys is demeaned repeatedly by a pair of captors discussing how they’d have her way with her in private.Of course, little do they know that Daenerys was once the wife of a Khal. Faced with the brutal realization that she could become a Dothraki sex slave, Daenerys reveals this powerful piece of information, which as it turns out, means that no man can sleep with the wife of a dead Khal. But Daenerys’ reprieve is short-lived, as she’s told she’ll be thrown in some walled community of other Khal widows, which sounds like cold comfort at best.Danenery’s tenuous predicament would make us a little more uncomfortable if she didn’t have a trio of dragons that could save her at any moment. Nothing’s guaranteed, but it would make for one hell of a rescue op.Meanwhile, our favorite GOT pair, Tyrion and Varys are making their way around a deserted Meereen as they plan their next move. Tyrion, it seems, is primed to take over the leadership role left vacant by Daenerys’ absence. But it won’t be easy, as evidenced by the upheaval inspired by the Sons of Harpy and the burning of Daenerys’ fleet of ships. Good luck, Tyrion.Back in Lannister land, it seems like we’re finally seeing a softer side of Cersei. Told that a Dornish ship is entering the port, Cersei perks up, happy to see her daughter, Myrcella, once again. But the best Jamie could do is return to King’s Landing with their daughter’s dead body.Remarkably, Cersei blames her daughter’s death not on Jamie but on the evil witch who predicted that three of her children would perish. We all know how much Cersei loves her children, but in Myrcella she found something she didn’t know she was capable of creating: a person with a heart of gold, and not the kind the Lannisters are used to. Jamie and Cersei’s embrace after she concedes that Myrcella’s death was predetermined would be endearing if it wasn’t for that whole incest thing.But don’t be fooled by Cersei’s newfound motherly touch. With Dorne now without its king thanks to Ellaria’s coup, war with the Lannisters seems to be on the horizon.Before you go, here’s a preview of Episode 2:(Photo credit: HBO)last_img read more

Alexa Radziewicz grows into defensive role for Syracuse

first_img Published on March 21, 2016 at 10:54 pm Contact Tomer: [email protected] | @tomer_langer Alexa Radziewicz was in her South Campus apartment on Feb. 27, nervous about the next day’s game. After Syracuse got off to a quick 4-0 start on the season, sweeping two doubleheaders against largely inferior opponents, the Orange was set to face its toughest challenge to that point, then-No. 7 Northwestern.The SU freshman was tasked with shadowing the Wildcats’ Selena Lasota, who had scored seven goals and taken 25 shots in only two games.All of a sudden, her phone lit up. It was a text message from SU defender and senior captain Mallory Vehar, telling her that she was going to do a great job the following day.“It meant a lot that she texted me and let me know that she was there for me,” Radziewicz said.Syracuse won that game, 16-12. While the game was a largely back-and-forth contest, Lasota was a total nonfactor, as she didn’t manage to get off any shots.AdvertisementThis is placeholder textInside Lacrosse ranked Radziewicz as the 19th best incoming freshman. Her play has improved as she’s gotten more comfortable and she’s helped No. 3 SU (7-3, 1-1 Atlantic Coast) strengthen an already formidable defensive unit that’s been the backbone of the team this year.Radziewicz always had a strong support system at home with her parents and her older brother, Cody, who now starts for Johns Hopkins at midfield. The two would practice together, with Cody trying to dodge and his younger sister trying to stop him.“He would help me with my stick skills … my footwork, moving laterally, side to side. He’s been a big part of why I love lacrosse,” she said.The coaches have noticed Radziewicz’s skillset, praising her top-level speed. Gait singled her out when asked about defenders who had stepped up recently.The upperclassmen have noticed her quality of play, too. Junior Kaeli O’Connor has been impressed with the rookie’s athleticism and confidence, and cited the Northwestern game as an impressive performance by any defender, let alone a freshman.“We’ve asked her to shut off plays and she’s done that, we’ve asked her to clear the ball and she’s been great,” Gait said.Radziewicz said the team has embraced her so far and that her teammates are helping her feel at home.The one area that she wants to improve on moving forward is being more vocal on the field. Gait has said that his team’s defensive success is due to the unit’s fantastic communication, and O’Connor said that the biggest difference from last year was how much better they were at talking together as a team. But as Radziewicz continues to get more and more comfortable, that part should come too. Comments Facebook Twitter Google+last_img read more

Local Govt Commission ready to receive complaints

first_img– but warns it will not be stepping out to seek grievancesEven as it tries to secure headquarters from where it can function properly, the newly-constituted Local Government Commission (LGC) is leaving the proverbial door open for those with complaints to bring their issue to the body’s attention.This is according to the Commission’s Chairman, Mortimer Mingo. In an interview with this publication, Mingo bluntly stated that the entity was not required by law to seek out problems affecting Local Authority Areas, but to act on complaints received.“The Local Government Commission Act spells out the functions andLGC Chairman Mortimer Mingoresponsibilities of the Commission. We’re not going out there and look for anything. In the various municipalities, [Neighbourhood Development Councils] NDCs and the [Regional Development Councils] RDCs. Whatever issues are brought to us, the Commission meets as a collective, looks at those issues, and investigates where an investigation is needed.”“As you know it is a newly-appointed commission. We have only had one meeting in which we elected the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman. Our first order of business will be to look at a budget. The next thing we have to look at is suitable accommodation. So, basically, those are the things that will be preoccupying (the) time, if you will, of the Commission.”According to Mingo, they are still looking to secure an office in which to house the Commission. He noted that as a constitutional body, they had prepared a budget which they had submitted to Parliament for consideration. But Mingo also explained that while they did not have an office, persons at the municipalities would still have information on where they could be contacted.“Once those issues come to us, we will determine how we will handle it. We haveThe Commission after members were sworn in last monthto give the staff it. We are now working out the organisation chart. Based on the organisation chart and the activities of the Commission, we will make a determination of the staffing.”Speaking on his experience in local government and what he would bring to the position of Chairman, Mingo pointed to the years he spent in the system.“In terms of my experience that I am able to bring to bear, I was Chairman of the Regional Democratic Council of Region 10 for 10 years. In addition to that, I had experience in Local Government at the level of the municipality of Linden. And so, I think, basically, my knowledge working in that arena would have put me in good stead to make a meaningful contribution towards the Commission,” he related.ProblemsMingo sought to stress that all issues in the different areas would have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. The Chairman said that this was because each NDC or RDC had its own peculiarities.“In local government, each NDC (or RDA) has its own peculiarity. In terms of the operation of the NDC, there’s no one size fixes all. So, you have to look at individual NDCs, what are the issues affecting the functioning of those NDCs, and if there is a need for intervention coming out of a process – bring it to our attention, then certainly we will look at that particular NDC.”There are a number of controversies in the local government system which have been in the public domain for some time. One such issue is reports that in some local authority areas, officials are being appointed without any vacancy being advertised. In addition, there have been reports that young, qualified applicants are being overlooked in favour of others.The recent case of the sexual abuse of a minor in the Georgetown Mayor and City Council’s custody and the subsequent bungled handling of the matter; including the failure of City Hall officials to immediately report the matter to the Police could also attract the attention of the body.The Commission was sworn in last month, after a lengthy delay. The parliamentary Opposition had named its nominees to the Local Government Commission since last year. However, since the Government did not submit its nominations, this resulted in a deadlock.One of the first public deadlines that Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan gave for the body to become functional was at a press conference during the March 2016 Local Government Elections. When asked, during the latter part of the month for an explanation, the Minister moved the deadline to the end of June 2016.In the Budget estimates for 2016, some $30 million was allocated by the Government to the non-functioning Commission. When asked, Bulkan had stated that this was to allow the Commission to operate independently of Central Government.The Commission is charged with, among other things, control over whom gets appointed as officials in the NDCs and other local authorities. In addition, it would have to approve budgets for the NDCs.By law, the Commission is to be made up of eight members. The members of the Commission include four nominated by the Government, one by the unions and three nominees by the Leader of the Opposition.The Commission’s members are Mingo, Clement Corlette, Marlon Williams, Jo Ann Romascindo, Andrew Garnett, former Local Government Ministers Norman Whittaker and Clinton Collymore, and former Georgetown Town Clerk Carol Sooba.last_img read more