Employment Tribunals: an Introduction

first_imgMaximum delegates 20 Timings 9am – 4.30pm An essential one-day seminar from PersonnelToday.com and IRS shows HRpractitioners and line managers how to deal confidently with EmploymentTribunal claims.EmploymentTribunals: an IntroductionThisone-day seminar shows you how to deal confidently with Employment Tribunalclaims. Ittakes you through the stages of the process showing you how to assess thevalidity of claims, prepare a successful defence, and become familiar with theTribunal process. Youwill role-play a hearing based on documents you have worked on. You will seehow witnesses are crucial to your case and understand how damages are assessed.By the end, you will be confident on procedure and have the expertise to dealwith litigation.book nowThebenefits to you and your organisationAfterattending the seminar, you will be able to:–Analyse the strengths of any claims –Advise your organisation on how to minimise the risks –Prepare effectively for a Tribunal and maximise your chances of a successfuldefence–Reduce the likelihood of your organisation ever facing an Employment Tribunal Therewill be particular emphasis on:– Narrowing the case down to the main issues – Preparing for Tribunal – Creating strong witness statements – Assessing which documents need to be disclosed and whichare protected – Assessing who are the right witnesses – Creating statements to support your case – Dealing with the opposition and points in issue – Assessing the value of the claim – Dealing with settlement and assessing whether to appeal Whoshould attend?Theseminar is ideal for human resource practitioners, managers and directors. Itwill also be useful for in-house lawyers with employment responsibilities andtrainers in HR.In-CompanyTrainingIRScan run a specially tailored version of this seminar for your organisation.Call Paul Gasowski on 020 7347 3592.ProgrammeIntroduction–The legal framework –Calculating continuous service –Exclusions: those who cannot claim unfair dismissal Preliminaryprocedure–Evaluating the IT1 (Application) –Completing the IT3 (Response) –Hearing type TheEmployment Tribunal–What is an Employment Tribunal and how does it work? –What is the Tribunal process? –How are claims made? –Practical exercise: defending the claim Assessingthe evidence– Further and better particulars of the claim: how tonarrow the issues down – Dealing with disclosure: important documents to bedisclosed or held back Witnessstatements: ensuring you have the best witnesses for your caseDecidingwhether to settle–Calculating potential compensation –Mitigation –Contributory conduct MockTribunal–You will role-play a Tribunal based on the documents assessed in the morning –You will have the chance to cross-examine witnesses on the available evidence –You will be invited to vote for the outcome you think is correct Thedecision–Following cross-examination and consideration of the evidence the Chair willgive his or her decision on the result of the Tribunal –The method of calculating costs will be revealed by the Chair and considerationwill be given to the right of appeal OpenforumA review of the main learning points and discussionAllseminars come with comprehensive documentation, model policy statements and aCertificate of Attendance. Related posts:No related photos. Duration One-day Location Central London Fees £399 + VAT Public sector £449 + VAT Private sector book nowcenter_img Employment Tribunals: an IntroductionOn 15 Jun 2004 in Personnel Today Dates 13 July 2 November Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more