Beyond the Labyrinth on 3DS looks gorgeous

first_imgNintendo released the 3DS with the big selling point being the 3D without glasses. But it’s easy to forget, especially with the current crop of games, that the hardware offers up a lot of graphical performance over what the DS could ever achieve. It’s no PSP 2 (NGP), but it can produce some stunning visuals.If you need proof of that look no further than the latest batch of screenshots for Beyond the Labyrinth. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has just posted them on its website and I think you’ll agree we should all start expecting better looking games on the platform.The visuals remind us a lot of Ico, which is no bad thing. As for the story and gameplay it looks to be a 3D dungeon type affair with the main character being a young girl as seen in the images. Apparently she will be very vocal as you play through the game suggesting she might be the hint system and this is a game with some maze-like navigation puzzles.Beyond the Labyrinth is being published by Konami and developed by tri-Ace. Previous titles from them include the Star Ocean, Valkyria Profile, and Resonance of Fate.We don’t know when the game will be released, but it is thought to be around 60% finished making us think a mid-2012 launch is on the cards.For now just enjoy the screenshots…btlbtlbtl2btl3btl4btl5btl6btl7btl8More at NeoGAF and Famistu, via ShopTo Bloglast_img read more