Company intimidation behind “no union” vote at VW

first_imgFor three days, June 12-14, workers at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., voted whether to allow the United Auto Workers union to represent them. The union narrowly lost the election, 833 to 776. Over 90 percent of the plant’s 1,700-plus workers voted.Compared to the first plantwide vote in 2014, which was 712 to 626 against the union, the UAW inched closer to securing a win.The need for union representation is glaring. Workers’ No. 1 complaint is the high rate of injuries at the plant, caused by line speedups and trying to get more work out of fewer workers. Repetitive motion injuries are commonplace, and injured workers are routinely put back on the same job that caused their injury. Another big issue is last-minute shift changes and overtime scheduling that make it hard for workers and their families to plan their lives. The company was not going to address these or other issues on its own as a matter of conscience.Volkswagen, which during the 2014 vote feigned neutrality, now wants to keep Chattanooga union-free. For four years after the National Labor Relations Board certified that the UAW had won an election covering 160 skilled maintenance workers at the plant, Volkswagen refused to bargain. Yet VW argued to the NLRB that an election involving all the plant’s hourly workers could not go forward because of the smaller unit’s vote.The NLRB bought VW’s frivolous argument and denied the UAW’s petition to hold an election in late April. This would have been shocking, except for the fact that, with four of five board members appointed by Trump, anti-labor rulings have become routine. After the union filed a new petition, the June election was set.Delays bought union busters timeThe UAW took signed authorization cards from a majority of the VW hourly workers when it went to the NLRB in April. Why the loss?Delaying the election gave VW and other anti-union forces nine weeks to mislead and frighten the workers into rejecting the union. There were constant ads on TV, radio and billboards appealing to prejudice and warning of “domination” by the Detroit-based union. Management gave out free T-shirts that read, “One Team: I am Volkswagen.”Workers were required to attend company-run morning meetings where speeches and leaflets conveyed a one-sided message. Workers were harassed for wearing union stickers or passing out union literature. VW CEO Frank Fischer himself addressed the workers; he claimed a vote for the union could cause the plant to close.Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee addressed one meeting, emphasizing his negative view of unions. The state had given VW over half a million dollars worth of tax breaks to lure the company to Tennessee. Governor Lee and other politicians implied that voting union could trigger a loss of incentives. Without the incentives, politicians suggested Volkswagen would cancel expansion plans to build a new electric vehicle in Chattanooga.To court workers, the company also made some improvements — which they could have made all along — including cooling the plant, more desirable schedules and ouster of unpopular managers.The monumental level of propagandizing and fearmongering over more than two months was enough to tip the scales in the company’s favor.How can the UAW win?Asian and European auto companies have over 30 plants in the U.S., almost all in Southern states and all non-union. Nissan defeated a union drive in Canton, Miss., in 2017 by using scare tactics similar to VW’s. A victory at VW could have launched a massive organizing drive at the other foreign-owned transplants — which would in turn boost organizing across the South. The UAW is demanding changes in the labor laws that allow corporate intimidation to take place. “Over a period of nine weeks — an unprecedented length of time due to legal gamesmanship — Volkswagen was able to break the will of enough workers to destroy their majority,” said UAW Organizing Director Tracy Romero. ( VW vote exposes the fraudulent character of “democracy” under capitalism. There is no real right to organize if companies can threaten to close plants or fire workers for organizing.Some workers, however, claimed they weren’t against having a union, they were just against the UAW. These may be face-saving claims, but they could be an honest reaction to real problems inside the UAW.So far nine people — UAW Chrysler Department officials and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles executives — have been convicted in a bribery scandal, with more under investigation. FCA gave lavish amounts of money to UAW leaders, allegedly to get them to sell members an inferior contract in 2015.This outrageous corruption is an outgrowth of the long-standing orientation of the International UAW leadership toward “partnership” with company management. For decades, concessions have been peddled to the rank and file to keep corporations “competitive” or “profitable.”The loss at VW — with wages that are the lowest among the transplants — takes place as the UAW begins negotiations for new contracts with Ford, General Motors and FCA. The Detroit Three will use lower transplant wages as ammunition, arguing that higher labor costs make them less competitive. But now that the Detroit auto companies are making billions in record profits, the leaders are feeling a push from below. The rank and file want to reverse concessions and get rid of tiered wages — a divisive scheme where newer workers doing the same job as higher-seniority workers make less pay. Current contracts have new hires classified as temporary. They have few rights, can be fired with little recourse, and their pay is actually lower than that of VW production workers. It may well take a strike to make real headway. For the UAW to be attractive to potential members, as well as hold on to current members as more states become “right-to-work-for-less,” the union must break up its partnership with capital. It’s time to revive the fighting spirit of the 1936-37 sit-down strikes!FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

Stillborn infant had high levels of meth in system, mother charged with murder

first_img(Kings County Sheriffs Office) Chelsea Becker, seen here, is charged with murder after delivering a stillborn baby with meth in its system.(HANFORD, Calif.) — A 25-year-old mother in central California has been arrested and charged with the murder of her stillborn child after officials detected high levels of methamphetamine in the baby’s system.According to a news release from the Hanford Police Department, Chelsea Becker delivered a stillborn baby boy on Sept. 10. Medical professionals suspected that the baby had been exposed to drugs while Becker was pregnant. The Kings County Coroner’s Office later ruled the child’s death as a homicide because of the high levels of methamphetamine found in its system.Once in custody, Becker confessed to law enforcement that she had used methamphetamine at least three days before giving birth.According to Sergeant Justin Vallin of the Hanford Police Department, the coroner’s report shows that the baby had five times the toxic level of methamphetamine — levels usually measured for an adult.“It’s a very disturbing, very sad case. In this incident she’d been educated by numerous outlets prior to giving birth to this fourth child,” Vallin said.Becker has had three other children that have been removed from her custody over the last several years because of drug abuse. All are under the age of 10, police said.On Monday a warrant was put out for Becker’s arrest and she is now being held at King’s County Jail with $5 million bail. She pleaded not guilty at her arraignment, and her next hearing is set for Nov. 19.Copyright © 2019, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

7th largest U.S. credit union cuts fraud investigations from hours to minutes

first_imgHow Alliant CU streamlined workflow with enterprise content management solution.Even though $8.3 billion/285,000-member Alliant Credit Union, Chicago, had an enterprise content management solution, the credit union was only using it in a limited fashion – scanning, storing and retrieving documents in just a few departments. Alliant CU realized it needed a more robust ECM solution that could easily extend across the entire enterprise. That solution also needed to include an easily configurable workflow solution robust enough to automate time-consuming, paper-based processes.“All accounts payable invoices were walked around the credit union to collect signatures,” says Heather Lally, VP/operations.That all changed with OnBase by Hyland.The SolutionIn late 2011, Alliant CU implemented OnBase to begin automatically capturing documents and information. Now, more than 95 percent of the credit union’s documentation is electronic.“But we wanted to do more than store document images,” says Lally.So Alliant CU utilized OnBase to stop printing documents and instead access them electronically from multiple systems. continue reading » 4SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Syracuse’s defense falters early in 3-0 season-ending loss to Clemson

first_img Published on October 25, 2018 at 11:07 pm Contact David: [email protected] Facebook Twitter Google+ Going into the final game of the season, Syracuse head coach Phil Wheddon wanted the Orange to do one thing — compete. After 12-straight losses, SU had one last chance to end its season on a positive note and avoid going winless in conference play for the first time since 2002.“We were at a point of desperation,” Wheddon said.It took just nine minutes for Clemson to sink Syracuse’s hopes of a different outcome. First, Mariana Speckmaier headed in Sam Staab’s in-swinging corner kick to put Clemson ahead in the fifth minute. Four minutes later, a deflected pass fell to Brooke Power, who dragged a first-time shot off Orange goalkeeper Jordan Harris’ fingertips and into the bottom right corner.A poor defensive start doomed Syracuse (3-15, 0-10 Atlantic Coast) in a season-ending 3-0 defeat to Clemson (10-8, 6-4) on Thursday night at SU Soccer Stadium. Prior to its season finale, SU had gone all season without conceding twice in the opening 10 minutes of a game. In a contest Wheddon called “massively important”, the Orange did just that.“It was all about these last 90 minutes,” Wheddon said. “Unfortunately it didn’t come out our way, but that’s sort of been the story of our season.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textNo players were made available for comment after the loss.With just over 80 minutes remaining in its season, an SU offense that ranked tied-for-312th out of 333 in the nation in goals per game (0.65) needed to find the net twice for its first conference point. It didn’t.When SU had possession in the first half, its moves forward were limited. In the 30th minute, Georgia Allen played Kate Hostage through on goal. It resulted in the Orange’s first corner kick of the half, which Laurel Ness struck into the silver pole holding up the net that sits five feet out of bounds. With two minutes remaining in the half, Ness’ free-kick into the penalty area was canceled by a foul. For the third time this season, Syracuse failed to register a shot in the first half.Much of SU’s first 45 minutes were spent chasing orange shirts. Clemson held possession masterfully, passing the ball across its backline and occasionally combining with a midfielder. Its players had ample time on the ball and a picking of two or three teammates to pass to. When a gap opened up, the Tigers attacked it. After 45 minutes, the visitors had nine shots, five on target, and four corner kicks.“We were giving their two center backs too much time on the ball,” Wheddon said about SU’s first-half performance. “We wanted to press them more, and it worked for us. It was effective.”To open the second half, SU ramped up the pressure. As Wheddon shouted orders from the touchline, the Orange’s midfield and attack pounced whenever Clemson had a poor first touch or an inaccurate pass. In its past two games against No. 6 Virginia and Wake Forest, Syracuse packed all 11 players behind the ball even when it was behind. In Thursday’s second half, it looked as aggressive as it has all season.While SU’s vigorous defensive effort led to lots of possession, the Orange still struggled to create chances.Syracuse’s first shot of the game came with 16 minutes remaining, a Laurel Ness long-distance strike that sailed over the crossbar. Four minutes later, Ness whipped in a cross from the left flank that found Meghan Root’s head, but the freshman’s header looped straight into Clemson goalkeeper Sandy MacIver’s arms.“Apart from the set pieces and at the end of the game when we changed our formation and put three at the back, I thought that our players played well,” Wheddon said. “We had some great periods of possession.”SU’s best offensive spell of the game lasted less than 10 minutes before the Tigers regained control of possession and the game.Over the next 10 minutes, Clemson generated five shots, the last of which found the back of the net. In the 86th minute, Alana Hockenhull jumped on a loose ball after a scramble in the box following the Tigers’ ninth corner kick of the night, tapping it in from close range.After the final whistle, SU’s players and coaches gathered near the halfway line and wrapped their arms around one another as Wheddon addressed them for the final time this season.“I just wanted to thank the staff for everything they’ve done and thank the players for their hard work,” Wheddon said about his post-game message. “It’s very, very difficult to compete at this level with the amount of injuries that have occurred on a consistent basis.”After the huddle broke, players hugged before slowly walking off the field. A historically bad season was finally over. Commentslast_img read more

No Doubts Left: It’s Dinosaur Protein

first_imgMary Schweitzer’s team reports the most rigorous techniques yet to certify collagen in dinosaur bone. But will evolutionists finally give up their beloved millions of years?Since 2005 and even earlier, Dr. Mary Schweitzer of North Carolina State has boldly charged against fossilized dogma, proving the existence of soft tissue in dinosaur bones. She still believes they are millions of years old, but has faced criticism and (more often) silence from her stubborn, incredulous colleagues. This response hasn’t fazed her. If anything, it has stimulated her to prove she’s right. Now, the latest press release from NC State announces, “80-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Collagen Confirmed.” Here’s their interpretation that rescues long ages by assertion:Utilizing the most rigorous testing methods to date, researchers from North Carolina State University have isolated additional collagen peptides from an 80-million-year-old Brachylophosaurus. The work lends further support to the idea that organic molecules can persist in specimens tens of millions of years longer than originally believed and has implications for our ability to study the fossil record on the molecular level.Brachylophosaurus was a mid-size hadrosaur, taller than a human. Before arguing whether it really is 80 million years old, it’s necessary to be absolutely certain that this is original soft tissue, not former tissue now turned into stone (‘permineralized’). Schweitzer’s team has already presented more than enough evidence in multiple papers since her notorious “60 Minutes” interview in 2010 that left the host gasping and Jack Horner dumbfounded (notice the response of the scientific community). Now she drives the last nail in the coffin of doubts.Schweitzer and her colleague, postdoc Elena Schroeter, collected this dinosaur sample from Montana for the purpose of confirming soft tissue. Here’s how they prepared the bone, and what they found inside:“We collected B. canadensis with molecular investigation in mind,” Schweitzer says. “We left a full meter of sediment around the fossil, used no glues or preservatives, and only exposed the bone in a clean, or aseptic, environment. The mass spectrometer that we used was cleared of contaminants prior to running the sample as well.”The sample material came from the specimen’s femur, or thigh bone. Using mass spectrometry, the team recovered eight peptide sequences of collagen I, including two that are identical to those recovered in 2009, and six that are new. The sequences show that the collagen I in B. canadensis has similarities with collagen I in both crocodylians and birds, a result we would expect for a hadrosaur, based on predictions made from previous skeletal studies.“We are confident that the results we obtained are not contamination and that this collagen is original to the specimen,” Schroeter says. “Not only did we replicate part of the 2009 results, thanks to improved methods and technology we did it with a smaller sample and over a shorter period of time.”That’s the bombshell. Now, what will be the aftermath among evolutionary paleontologists?“Our purpose here is to build a solid scientific foundation for other scientists to use to ask larger questions of the fossil record,” Schweitzer adds. “We’ve shown that it is possible for these molecules to preserve. Now, we can ask questions that go beyond dinosaur characteristics. For example, other researchers in other disciplines may find that asking why they preserve is important.”The carefully-worded statement betrays no commitments to age. Though fully aware of how young-earth creationists use her findings, she has never stated any doubts about millions of years. Suffice it to say that no paleontologist believed it was possible for original biological material to remain even a fraction of that time; upper limits were in the hundreds of thousands of years, maybe a million years max, but nobody, of course, has ever witnessed even those shorter ages. So what will evolutionists do? We predict two responses: (1) “Well, golly, I guess dinosaur tissue can last 80 million years! How ’bout that!” (2) “Now that we have dinosaur protein to study, it will shed light on evolution.”The paper is published in the Journal of Proteome Research.Update 1/29/17: The University of Texas at Austin describes exceptional preservation of early Jurassic marine fossils in Canada, including “soft body parts” said to be 183 million years old. The article does not make it clear whether original biomolecules are present, so we should assume they are permineralized impressions of soft parts pending further information. Still, the diversity and detail in these deposits is remarkable for animal remains buried 183 million Darwin Years ago.You may be wondering, how can smart people be so stubborn when faced with evidence this powerful? Never underestimate the dogmatism of evolutionists. For them, it’s not about following the evidence where it leads; it’s about maintaining a story.Compare this case with decades of evidence against the big bang. Bob Enyart maintains a richly-documented page “Evidence Against the Big Bang” and he just produced a lengthy, well-documented video by that title (highly recommended). In both resources, he shares 9 powerful empirical evidences against the big bang, undercuts the 3 leading “proofs” of the big bang (i.e., their widely-advertised “predictions”), and lays out the incredible fine-tuning of the universe that points to a Creator. He documents every point from the world’s leading journals, citing dozens of pro-big-bang scientists from Einstein to Lawrence Krauss. Impressive work for a radio host and pastor of a Bible church! He’s clearly done his homework. Enyart catches the cosmologists and reporters in contradictions and lies, repeating things they know are not true. Yet despite all this incontrovertible evidence that’s out there, big bangers doggedly maintain their narrative and foist it on the unwitting public. This has gone on for nearly a century. In other words, you can prove them wrong again and again with the best evidence, and they won’t give up.There’s too much at stake for any Darwinian moyboys to quit, even if they agree that these are original proteins from dinosaurs. Unrepentant sinners will go down with the ship rather than face the Creator every person knows is there (Romans 1:20). Their story that dinosaurs died 65 million years ago will live in infamy until all the DODO bigots and DOPE heads go extinct themselves. Our only hope is to reach children and young people not yet indoctrinated into the Grand Myth, and convince our friends and neighbors outside the Darwin Castle to stand strong against the Myth. We do that with facts, logic and persuasion. Strong evidence has power to influence anyone with an open mind and courage to follow it.(Visited 226 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

The 2018 Geocaching International Film Festival Finalists Are…

first_imgAt long last, the Geocaching International Film Festival 2018 finalists have been chosen! These films stand out above the rest for their creativity, production quality, content, and contribution to the global community of geocachers. Let’s give a huge round of applause to the following films and directors:All you need is CACHE | slynieCOMA | Team CoMiKa (Comepiedras, MiTesoro, Kankus y MJ)Finding our family’s lost monument through Geocaching | rolfdenverGeo | ZippyZipperZooGeocache Mojo | jellyfishumbrellaGeocaching documentary: Winter caching in Finland | weellu & HarjusGeocaching in the change of time | Team GC-Therapiegruppe (McMuts, Baluteam, Frau Schmidt, Freilandjäger, matzoo70, Mönchen811, Sternschnuppe31)Geocaching is Awesome. | BretonvI Am Geocache | SkimboshJustice GIFF League | Team AlboGIFF (boret, carlos_cga, NaxoMenX, pequenaruth, riherpe, xmetraya&mancusina)Little Helpers From Outer Space | Team Cassiopeia (MudMen_GER, Dracou, Navi-Sol, MacPivi)One day | Team URNA (JeDie, geo.luki, Migvin, carodejka_s.r.o., Joeyk59, Pavoucek86, Re:Bell)Six techniques geocaching | F1ndmycacheTFTC | treasurehuntergdThe Night I Became a Were-Cacher | Fluffnight & kttyquestWhy I Geocache | TeamScortneyAttend a GIFF Event November 8 – 12, 2018 to see the 16 films and to receive the 2018 GIFF souvenir. Do you want to organize your own GIFF Event? Visit this page to learn more. Are you looking for geocoins and other GIFF merchandise? Visit Shop Geocaching or International Retailers.Share with your Friends:More SharePrint RelatedThe 2019 Geocaching International Film Festival Finalists Are…September 10, 2019In “News”Les finalistes du Festival International du Film de Géocaching 2018 sont…September 11, 2018In “Français”Calling all filmmakers! Create a film for GIFF 2019May 7, 2019In “News”last_img read more

Final Cut Pro X Video Tutorial: Creating Custom Frame Sizes

first_imgIMAX5616 × 4096 Break free from 16:9 with custom frame sizes in FCPX.Whether you are editing a video that will be viewed on a video wall, a phone or an IMAX screen, creating a custom frame size may be necessary for your project. It’s not a complicated process to modify the frame size in FInal Cut Pro X, but it’s important to know where these settings are and how to change them. The following video tutorial by editor Dan Allen demonstrates how it’s done:Custom frame sizesCreating phone resolutionsPanningCropping anamorphic frame barsPasting clip attributes HD 10801920 x 1080 Digital Cinema 2K2048 × 858 Ultra HD3840 × 2160 4K4096 × 2160 This video was first shared on Dan Allen’s YouTube channel. You can see more of Dan Allen’s work on his website.Video Resolutions ChartNot sure what resolution you need? The following chart has a few popular resolutions that you should know.center_img SD640 × 480 6K6144 × 3160 If you are interested in learning more about resolutions check out the following resources:List of Common Resolutions – WikipediaVideo Technology’s Formats Page – Video TechnologyThe 4K War: Thoughts on the Future of Video Resolutions – PremiumBeatHave any other tips for creating custom frame sizes? Share in the comments below. HD 7201280 × 720 8K7680 x 4320last_img read more

Protect rights in ‘Super Emergency’ era, says Mamata on International Day of Democracy

first_imgWest Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has reiterated that the country is going through a period of “Super Emergency” and called on people to protect the rights and freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. On the occasion of the International Day of Democracy on Sunday, she urged the countrymen to safeguard the constitutional values upon which independent India was founded.“On the #InternationalDayofDemocracy today [Sunday], let us once again pledge to safeguard the constitutional values our country was founded on… In this era of ‘Super Emergency’, we must do all it takes to protect the rights and freedoms that our Constitution guarantees,” she tweeted. The Trinamool Congress supremo has time and again said that the country is going through ‘Super Emergency’ under the BJP-led NDA rule at the Centre. The United Nations General Assembly had in 2007 resolved to observe September 15 every year as the International Day of Democracy to uphold and promote the principles of democracy.last_img read more

Is Ritwik Bhattacharya dating Pia Trivedi?

first_imgRitwik Bhattacharya and Pia TrivediSquash player Ritwik Bhattacharya, 32, was known less for his sports career and more for his glamorous girlfriend Neha Dhupia, till they parted ways in 2010. Now, it seems there is a new glamour girl flaunting him about town. Model and former VJ Pia Trivedi and,Ritwik Bhattacharya and Pia TrivediSquash player Ritwik Bhattacharya, 32, was known less for his sports career and more for his glamorous girlfriend Neha Dhupia, till they parted ways in 2010. Now, it seems there is a new glamour girl flaunting him about town. Model and former VJ  Pia Trivedi and he made a very public appearance together at Esha Deol’s wedding reception. Last we heard, she was making her Bollywood debut with Hum Tum Shabana. Good luck for round two.last_img read more

Robert Griffin lll Tweets Hes Cleared to Play Football

Operation Patience….Complete. Cleared. To God Be The Glory— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) August 30, 2013 Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was cleared Thursday by his surgeon to play when the regular season opens on Sept. 9. However, coach Mike Shanahan was cautious when telling reporters the good news.”There’s a couple of concerns that he has,” Shanahan said to reporters. ”I’ll talk to Robert over the weekend, and I’ll let you guys know on Monday.”Griffin wasn’t available for questioning on the matter, but the team is expecting him to start against the Philadelphia Eagles.“That’s just the type of player Robert is, just his will and determination to be back on that field,” said teammate Alfred Morris. “I’m not surprised, and I’m looking forward to him coming out and having a good game.”The 2012 Offensive Rookie of The Year participated in the coin toss, but watched the preseason game 30-12 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the sideline. At the conclusion of the game Griffin tweeted, “Operation Patience complete: Cleared” read more