Cause analysis of Web site keywords ranking drop

website rankings has touched all the heart, it is always changing, sometimes a little change, sometimes you get flustered change radically. When the decline in ranking, you will be crazy, do not know how to do? Was touched to the mind, the heart rattling around. So I suggest webmaster friends, encounter this kind of situation, must be calm, the first analysis of the source of the problem, where is the problem? So slowly, so that we can learn from our mistakes. Not impatient TouYi, self pity.

3, website update. For this, I think I am not doing enough, especially new sites, not the beginning of the high quality of the article, there is no certain number, no regular update time. Not only is not perfect for the site itself, but also for the love of spiders in Shanghai is also the biggest weakness. Update and quality so to ensure regular website content is very important. read more

Find site is down right cause and solve

we do in the chain and chain need to pay attention to, not a single text to the website home page, search engines will be regarded as cheating, and on your site right down, we often talk about, text should pay attention to the diversity, such as your website main keywords do Guangzhou website optimization, use keywords can we do, the related description text website optimization, search engine optimization, keyword optimization, etc..

website has been the basis weight of keywords ranking, but a website weight is search engine downgrade your keywords in the search engine rankings plummeted, we called down right. read more