first_imgIS IT TRUE in a predictable pre-election move the Vanderburgh County Council announces plans to cut about $3.5 million from the proposed 2017 budget?  …the President of the County Council Angela Koehler Lindsey, R-At-Large said one reason for the budget increasing is because of a projected 12% increase in costs of health insurance costs? … get ready for County Council members to start making conservative comments why they must cut $3 million plus from the proposed 2017 budget? …this is a developing story so let the political show begin?IS IT TRUE that the projected 12% increase in County employee health insurance by the Vanderburgh County Council for this coming year may also cause the Evansville City Council major budget challenges?  …we wonder was this one of the reasons why City Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn tried to sneak through a resolution to reduce the 2017 Homestead Tax from 8% to 6% because the City need the money to pay for the projected increased of city employee health insurance?IS IT TRUE it look like a former member of Evansville City Council warning that major increases in the city employees heath insurance is on the horizon and shall cause serious budget woes in the future was spot on?  …let the political finger pointing begin?IS IT TRUE CCO poster Ruffus B made the following comments we found interesting and worth re-posting?…. he stated the following: “Sources close to the Controller’s office indicate that when Russ without Council’s approval transferred 12.5 million from the Riverboat fund into the General Fund it prevented the GF from going negative by $6 million. Unfortunately, this was clearly noticeable in the Annual Financial Statements that were given to McGinn and Hargis. Now, at June 30, 2016, the GF indicates 3.9 mil but if the 12.5 mil was properly repaid to the Riverboat funds the GF is negative by 8.2 mil ..but Russ Failed to properly transfer 7.5 million into the Hospitalization Fund because that fund is NEGATIVE by 7.5 million.”IS IT TRUE nine Vanderburgh County jail inmates were formally charged for their alleged roles in a “jailhouse riot” on July 26? … all of the defendants charges including counts of aiding, inducing or causing battery to a public safety officer, resisting law enforcement and rioting? …we hope that the Judge throws the book at these idiots? …we are extremely pleased with the public statement made by Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding that “We’re going to run the jail, the inmates aren’t.”? …all we can tell the Sheriff Wedding is the heck with political correctness and tell it like it is?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that another back room political patronage deal may be in the making?  …we have been told that the deal is concerning the hiring of two new employees for the newly created Evansville Land Bank?  …we hear that at least one Land Bank applicant has solid record of landing political patronage positions in Vanderburgh County proper?  …we wonder why these positions haven’t been publicly advertised so qualified unemployed citizens of Evansville could apply for these well paying positions?  …we hope that city officials well do proper vetting of all applicants of the Evansville Land Bank?  ..if you are interested in applying for the above positions please contract DMD Director Kelly Coures or his assistant Jane Reel soon as possible?IS IT TRUE we would like to welcome William Wolkoff from Cleveland, Ohio to the staff of Channel TV 44 and Evansville?   …William was a News Content Specialist at WXIX-TV Cincinnati? … Wolkoff says, “Evansville is my kind of town, I grew up in a blue-collar town where nothing is given and everything is earned”?  …William is a graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor’s in Electronic Media?FOOTNOTE:  Todays READERS POLL question is: Should City Council Finance Chairman Dan McGinn and Controller Russ Lloyd Jr start speaking out on the 2017 budget shortfalls?Please take time and read our newest feature articles entitled “HOT JOBS” and “LOCAL SPORTS” posted in our sections.If you would like to advertise in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] 2015 City County Observer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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