The Ministry of Tourism has allocated one million and seven hundred thousand kunas to professional associations in tourism and catering

first_imgWith the aim of raising the competitiveness of Croatian tourism through the strengthening of professional associations in tourism and / or catering, the Ministry of Tourism, based on this year’s public tender for co-financing projects of professional associations in tourism and / or catering, awarded a total of one million seven hundred thousand kuna for fifteen selected projects.These funds are intended for co-financing projects that contribute to raising the quality of human resources in tourism and hospitality, ie professional training and development realized through seminars, workshops and other forms of acquiring new knowledge and skills for employees and members of associations, as well as workshops for the general public. . “Professional associations in tourism and catering are a very important partner of the Ministry of Tourism in raising the quality of human resources and strengthening the competitiveness of the tourist offer. In accordance with the changes on the market, professional associations have traditionally prepared and implemented projects of professional development and training, all with the aim of strengthening the Croatian tourist product and its recognition on the international market. Through these projects, through the cooperation of stakeholders in tourism, we want to encourage further development of innovation and quality destination management.. “, pointed out the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli on the occasion of the decision on the selection of projects of professional associations in tourism.When selecting projects, compliance with the Tourism Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia until 2020 was taken into account, which clearly defines the main goal of Croatian tourism development by increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of tourism. The adequacy of the quality of human resources, ie the possession of modern knowledge and practical skills, is the basic element of the delivery of quality tourist services and the improvement of the competitiveness of Croatian tourism.Projects could be applied for and independently implemented by professional associations that have statutory activities in the field of tourism and / or catering or in cooperation with partners, ie other associations whose field of activity is thematically related to the program / project or public tender objectives.See the decision on the selection of programs / projects that have received co-financing from the Ministry of Tourism HERElast_img

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