Duterte: ‘Fraternity hazing impossible to stop’

first_img“Ikaw pumasok ka, pag nahuli ka, sorry ka,” says President Rodrigo Duterte, admitting that hazing is embedded in the culture of fraternities and it could be difficult to put an end to the practice. MANILA – Despite signing a law thatbanned hazing n the culture of fraternities, President Rodrigo Duterte admittedit would be impossible to stop these barbaric initiation rites. “Di na tala matanggal ‘yan unless you ban fraternities for all time; make it criminal offense but it will raise many constitutional issues,” President Duterte said. ‘Di talaga mapigilan ‘yan, pero dapat ‘yung tama tama lang, pag madala sa ospital mabuhay.” The Chief Executive also recalled that he himself went through a brutal beating when he joined the Lex Talionis fraternity in San Beda Law School. Duterte added: “hazing that’s carried too far,human degradation, you order the plebes to perform mga oral sex, hindi trabahong lalaki ‘yan. Hiyain mo sa isang session, pag mga ka-brod mo na, ano na tingin mo sakanya? Ano tingin sa ‘yo? Thatwill create lifetime animosity.” In a speech before his departure for a state visit in Russia on Tuesday night, President Duterte said that banning fraternities in the country or make hazing a criminal offense could be options but it will cause constitutional issues. In June 2018,Duterte had signed the Anti-Hazing Act of 2018 or Republic Act No. 11053, whichbans all forms of hazing. “Ikaw pumasok ka, pag nahuli ka, sorry ka. ‘Wag lang sumobra. Pag sinobrahan mo, there are rules to follow: you break the rules, you go to jail. Ganoon lang ‘yan or you die. Those are simple matters in life,” he said. Prior to thepassage of this law, hazing was prohibited only when there’s no prior writtennotice to school authorities or the organization head./PNlast_img

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