Nextgen consequences Xbox One and Xbox 360 wont play together online

first_imgIt may not seem like it makes a ton of sense to compare the Xbox One to the Xbox 360 when considering what you’re going to be playing through the holiday season, but that may actually depend on who your friends are.Microsoft and Sony have been working very hard to release their first new consoles in years, bringing forth a massive swarm of Xbox One vs PS4 comparisons in every facet imaginable. Both companies look like they are releasing incredible new systems, with Sony currently focusing on delivering the best gaming console and Microsoft looking to be the control point for your entire living room.One of the big features Microsoft has going for it is Xbox Live. Sony has lagged behind quite a bit in delivering a quality multiplayer experience, as Microsoft fans are not shy about pointing it. What isn’t being said quite as much, however, is that the Xbox Live you get on the Xbox One and the Xbox Live you get on the Xbox 360 are not entirely interoperable. In fact, it looks like many games will only play online with the same console as the one you have.Now, this isn’t exactly a surprise when you think about it. The Xbox One and the PS4 are both built on x86 processors, which wasn’t the case last gen. Game manufacturers would need to work really hard in order to get an Xbox One and an Xbox 360 to play the same game together and have the experience be functional or enjoyable on both devices. There’s just too much work to do there, especially when the obvious goal is to get everyone on to the newer console. Game developers can do a lot more with the newer hardware, and intentionally supporting the older device would be expensive and almost counter productive.Unfortunately, at least in the short term, this eliminates one of the big advantages Microsoft has over Sony in this generation of the console war. The massive Xbox Live community will be split by the launch of the new console, and it will take a while before the dominant Xbox Live device is the Xbox One. This means that the total number of players you’ll be able to play a game with will be dramatically decreased unless all of your friends go and get an Xbox One at the same time you do.Sony, of course, will be split as well, but the company is going to the PS4 release with much more momentum than Microsoft and its multiplayer isn’t one of the company’s major strengths. This puts the two in the same boat, but with Sony having a lot less to lose.Microsoft and Sony are on an even playing field with the next generation, with the Xbox Live community not providing any real advantage in the short term. It will be up to the features offered by the consoles themselves to determine which is superior going into the holidays. Things like streaming media features, gameplay download features, and the retail experience for digital games. Both consoles will be offering video recording and streaming features, while Sony’s online control system allows someone to remotely play parts of a game for you. Later on we’ll see services like Gaikai come to the PS4 as well. During all of this, Microsoft’s community will continue to be divided while Sony is essentially starting from scratch.last_img

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