By WFWP Italy Elisabetta Nistri In 27th January

first_imgBy WFWP Italy, Elisabetta Nistri: In 27th January, the fourth meeting was held as part of a series from the “LA PACE COMINCIA DENTRO DI ME” (Peace starts within me) organized by the WFWP in collaboration with UPF and the CIPIA Association. There were around twenty participants some of whom were attending for the first time and other participants include other friends that have followed us for a while.It was very pleasing to hear everybody’s reflections. Throughout the meeting everyone had the opportunity to share and express their situations of conflict and their ability to resolve that conflict, in this way everyone could contribute and also learn from the other participants.Dr. Evaldo Cavallaro opened the meeting and continued to moderate the evening with liveliness and great skill.Elisabetta Nistri, president of the WFWP Italia, shared some of her personal experiences such as the reading of spiritual texts every morning that are like a guide and an inspiration for the day and a pause for reflection in the evening to review the day and valuate her realizations of the past 24 hours. Doing so, she can start the next day with new objectives and new interior goals, or simply to reinforce those already achieved.Giuseppe Cali’ spoke about his recent experiences as an educator for a workshop for young people in Albania who are realizing a voluntary European project. Furthermore, he expressed just how much human relationships are fundamental for our physical-psychological wellbeing, because, as has been scientifically researched, healthy relationships can helps us heal, while difficult, hurtful relationships can hurt us.We all came to the same conclusion, that is it important to be pro-active in front of difficulty and search for solutions, coming out of our old confinements, sometimes even overcoming our own pride.last_img

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