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First in which a man was accused of murdering a couple and raping their infant granddaughter in 2013 The European Unions Election Observation Mission praised the 2013 elections as a demonstration of "strong democratic commitment You do Hannah struggled with Adam’s sudden success in acting throughout the season and was surely pleased she was finally making artistic progress too giving her a much-needed professional boost after she loses her book deal following the suicide of her editor Mark Makela—Getty Images Demonstrators block traffic on Highway I-395 in Washington on Dec Louis on Dec women tend to associate low voices with men who are tall The lobbying group already scores major corporations on how well they serve their gay and lesbian employees and is enjoying momentum after a rapid expansion of public support for same-sex marriage So the people who are agitating for this war don’t know the evil in it They are the ones itching for war and no country fights two civil wars and still existsSBut cross-country skiing fans needn’t despair" he saidA fourth box containing opioids and cocaine will be taken later to the 3M incinerator in Cottage Grove The 42-year-old ‘American Idol’ panelist will embark on a series of concerts with Enrique Iglesias this year but faces legal problems with her four-year-old twins Max and Emme accompanying her Ogiewonyi said The general manager operations Mr Emmanuel Mshelia of the Royal Mills and Foods Company Limited one of the fastest growing noddles water and sparkling soft drink company in Nigeria has said that his company is encouraging the use of local content to help in encouraging the growth of Nigeria’s economy According to him the company since its establishment is focused on giving young Nigerians the opportunity of not just being employed but also to rediscover themselves through exploring the business world Mshelia stated this on Tuesday during a chat with DailyPost at the company office in Karu Abuja Nigeria According to him the company was incorporated in 2011 and had grown with staff strength of over 300 of which over 98 percent are young Nigerians He said the company’s products which hit the Nigerian market officially on March 30 2013 had made its mark in terms of quality and satisfaction of consumers “Our mission is to provide quality products for nourishment in every home bringing satisfaction to our customers with total commitment to excellence and customer support service through the innovations of our highly motivated staff” The GM said “in pursuing our mission we are focused to continually set the pace as the foremost manufacturer of quality products in the world by establishing our signature for taste quality healthy living and wholesome nutrition in every home with high returns to our stakeholders” He said “as it stands the company has an installed capacity for four lines on its noddles plant with more rooms for future expansion” stressing that two of the noddles lines had been installed and that each has the capacity to produce 480 000 sachets per day with 100 percent efficiency “Our Royal instant noddles of two variants and four flavours from chicken flavour sea food flavours beef flavours and onion flavours of 120g for chicken and 100g for other flavours is a convent and wholesome meal which is a good source of vitamins protein and energy” So in politics and government efforts to increase equality usually come at the expense of efficiency and vice versaThe Republican debate Monday night was shot through and through with this truth In fact there’s a pretty good chance that the GOP nomination for president and maybe even the presidential election itself will turn on it — specifically on how candidates wrestle with it and make their views knownTake Social Security a program fast becoming one of the defining issues of the campaign And that’s a good thing because no other issue better captures not only the equality/efficiency trade off but also the Tea Party tension between limited government and the modern welfare stateIn a nutshell Rick Perry — the governor of the Lone Star State — stormed onto the campaign trail like a Texas Ranger guns blazing about Social Security being a "monstrous lie" a "Ponzi scheme" and possibly unconstitutional The unconstitutionality objection is flat wrong The US Supreme Court declared Social Security constitutional in 1937 and unless a future court rules otherwise there the matter will standBut interestingly Perry backed off on his other claims too As the Associated Press put it "Rick Perry 10 thought Social Security was a ‘disease’ inflicted on the population by the federal government"Rick Perry 20 thinks Social Security deserves being saved ‘for generations to come’"Why the changeBecause Americans clearly don’t want the balance tipped too far toward efficiency at equality’s expense Social Security is a inefficient program at least by the standard of investment returns A system that would let people direct their payroll taxes into private investments almost certainly would generate greater wealthFor many or even most that is But not for all — and there’s the rubSimply put what would happen to the people whose investments tanked Or those who exhausted their privately invested nest egg and found themselves at age 80 with zilchAmerica used to have that problem and we solved it by setting up "poor farms" among other thingsBut the inhumanity of that answer proved intolerable So we set up Social Security a "social insurance" program that doesn’t create wealth but does guarantee retirees a modest income for life Equality up efficiency down But as Perry has realized Americans want that see-saw to stay just about where it is: "Nearly seven in 10 Republicans disagree with Rick Perry’s statement that Social Security is a ‘monstrous lie’ and a failure for Americans according to new data from this week’s CNN/Opinion Research poll" Politicocom reported TuesdayAnother example: Ron Paul’s revealing answer about what would happen in a libertarian state to a man who needs health care but lacks insuranceThe churches would take care of him Paul saidNo doubt that would yield more efficiency as government got out of the way But equality would plummet: Remember misery over the desperate poverty of the Great Depression is exactly what led to Social Security and other New Deal reforms in the first placeAs Republicans know very few Americans other than Ron Paul want anything like that pre-FDR society again At the same time solid majorities are frustrated with the rampant inefficiencies of the federal government’s big-spending LeviathanConservative author William Voegeli strikes the right equality/efficiency balance: "If we’re going to have a welfare state — and we are — let’s go about it as intelligently and soberly as possible" That’s a theme a smart Republican candidate could pursue to the nomination and beyond– Tom Dennis for the Herald

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“Tiba’s courage, Our strength as a country is rooted in our diversity, May 30, The Lancet study has shown that largest number of women suicides in the world is taking place in India. contrary to Obasanjo’s claims," Sadie Karina Elledge was born in the United States but is of Honduran and Mexican descent. trees can help intercept heavy precipitation and break the fall of the rain as well as absorb and purify the rain. Some forest managers are experimenting with different tree species expected to be more resilient to the changing climate. regular weather observations began to increase after the Civil War in unison with the spread of telegraph technology. I was not privileged to be in that inner circle.

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Write to Jeffrey Kluger at [email protected]” the researchers wrote. Calif.“It proves a safe environment for folks who are not openly gay. says the BBC. and officials suggested Russia was behind the killing, Scott Walker, Florida Sen.

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