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After a clip made the rounds on social media, The results lend support to a controversial hypothesis: that primates as we know them would never have evolved without snakes. A tussle with a snake meant almost certain death for our preprimate ancestors The reptiles slithered through the forests of the supercontinent Gondwana roughly 100 million years ago squeezing the life out of the tiny rodent-sized mammalian ancestors of modern primates About 40 million years later likely after primates had emerged some snakes began injecting poison which made them an even deadlier and more immediate threat Snakes were “the first and most persistent predators” of early mammals says Lynne Isbell a behavioral ecologist the University of California Davis They were such a critical threat she has long argued that they shaped the emergence and evolution of primates By selecting for traits that helped animals avoid them snakes ultimately endowed us with forward-facing eyes for example and enlarged visual centers deep in our brains that are specialized for picking out specific features in the world around us such as the general shape of a snake’s body camouflaged among leaves Isbell published her “Snake Detection Theory” in 2006 To support it she showed that the rare primates that have not encountered venomous snakes in the course of their evolution such as lemurs in Madagascar have poorer vision than those that evolved alongside snakes “It is a very bold theory” says Arne hman a psychologist at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden who uses brain imaging and behavior studies to test how humans respond to visual threats But thus far he says there has been little neurobiological evidence for it Two years ago neuroscientists at the University of Toyama in Japan and the University of Brasilia in Brazil contacted Isbell hoping to join her in a search for brain-based evidence In a paper published online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences the team describes how images of snakes affect the pulvinar—a cluster of neurons in an evolutionarily ancient part of the brain called the thalamus Pulvinar neurons are believed to help direct our attention using our eyes and recognize a potential threat Primates have much larger pulvinars than other animals and certain parts of the pulvinar are even unique to primates According to Isbell’s hypothesis other mammals that had to contend with snakes were mostly burrowing creatures and they didn’t rely as heavily on vision as early primates which rested in trees during the day While some mammals developed resistance to snake venoms primates opted for a better detection strategy To test the snake recognition prowess of the pulvinar the group inserted electrodes into the brains of two captive-born macaque monkeys who had never encountered the reptiles They measured the electrical spikes from individual neurons in two regions of the pulvinar while the primates looked at four types of images: snakes both coiled and elongated macaque faces with both angry and neutral expressions macaque hands in various positions and geometric shapes such as circles and stars They found that images of snakes had a particularly strong and fast-acting effect on pulvinar neurons: Of the 91 neurons that became active at some point in the experiment 40% were “snake-best” meaning they were more active during snake photos than other images These neurons also fired more frequently than the ones responding to faces hands or shapes (Neurons responding to angry faces an important social threat for the highly social macaques came in second) Finally snake-responsive neurons sprang into action more quickly activating about 15 milliseconds faster than those that responded to angry faces and about 25 milliseconds ahead of the neutral shape-detecting neurons Isbell calls these findings “the first neuroscientific support” for her snake-centric evolutionary theory She suspects that our unique pulvinar makes primates most adept among mammals at recognizing snakes though she acknowledges that prediction still needs testing There is some evidence that primates are especially skilled at detecting snakes that aren’t moving she says and that ability may underlie another primate-specific skill: using vision to guide reaching and grasping movements (Example: Reach for a banana but don’t reach toward a slumbering snake) The results support the idea that primates have built-in mechanisms for recognizing a very specific threat based on its shape says Isabelle Blanchette a cognitive psychologist at the University of Quebec Trois-Rivières in Canada who studies the role of emotion in how we process information But she warns that we should resist the urge to extrapolate to humans Even if we carry these “leftovers from evolution” in the form of snake-sensitive neurons deep in our visual system higher brain processes such as learning and memory may influence our behavior just as much as this deep and instinctive snake sense “It’s a very important part of the picture but it is only a part” she says Her research has shown that humans aren’t always faster at detecting snakes than other threats including guns and cars which we haven’t evolved to fear innately accurate home co-ordinates and social profile links, McDonald’s did not talk specifically about personal data of the customers while asserting that no financial data were stored. Spain, According to Yahoo! the 21-year-old is using her work to “help educate people about feminism and raise awareness about pervasive racism” “It all started as a form of expression but it quickly turned into social commentary of the male-dominated culture we live in There are many things happening in my town that I couldn’t be silent on such as the male microaggression toward(s) the female body I know there are countries that have it worse than here in Spain but I couldn’t stay silent” She shared several photos of her work on her Instagram account and in one of the posts Cartró said “Each of us is different and at the same time each body is one way or another and has its own essence and energy There are many types of bodies just as there are many types of stretch marks” Through her photo series #manchoynomedoyasco which translates from Spanish to “I stain myself and I’m not grossed out by it” in English the artist is also trying to tackle the stigma surrounding periods and normalise it by painting underwear and women’s legs with bright paint and explosions of glitter She wants all bodies to be seen as equally valid and beautiful According to Metro she said “We are all different our bodies are different but in each of us there is beauty” For all the latest Lifestyle News download shlf1314n Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: April 21 2017 3:59 pm These foods are the best antidote for acid reflux (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News Avoid chances of acidity during the hot days by indulging in bananas melons and coconut water say experts ALSO READ |Diet diary: Getting the acidic-alkaline balance right Mehar Rajput nutritionist and dietitian FITPASS – app for fitness enthusiasts and Prerna Arora dietician and nutritionist Konsult App which connects doctors and patients shares a list: * Bananas: It is the best antidote for acid reflux and is great for snacking purposes Potassium in bananas produces mucous in the lining of the stomach thus lowering the pH levels in the body Also bananas are high on fibre and a great source of roughage Eating over-ripe bananas during summer is the best way to keep acidity at bay * Melons: Melons such as cantaloupe musk melon and watermelon are high on anti-oxidants and fibre and help avoid acid reflux and other stomach ailments by maintaining the mucous membrane The cooling properties and high water content in these fruits help hydrate the body and reduce pH levels Other fruits such as apple and papaya are also great sources of fibre and aid in preventing acidity * Coconut water: This refreshing natural drink has cleansing properties that help flush out toxins from your body Coconut water is also rich in fibre content and helps with regular bowel movements * Cold milk: Milk is another excellent way to combat acidity Milk absorbs acid formation in the stomach stopping any reflux or burning sensation in the gastric system Anytime you feel an acid formation in the stomach or heartburn coming on have a glass of plain cold milk without any additives or sugar * Buttermilk and curd: Besides milk other milk products (except cheese) like curd and buttermilk also provide relief from acidity These products cool the stomach and the natural bacteria in them do not allow acid formation They help in keeping the overall digestive system healthy Having curd and buttermilk regularly after meals is a great way to avoid chances of acidity in the long run too * Say no to food carts: Though these should be avoided all year round they are definitely a strict no-no during summer season Rise in temperature goes hand-in-hand with water scarcity which in turn means compromise on washing properly in the kitchen And that can have a bad effect on your system when you eat food that is not washed properly before cooking or cooked by hands that have been not thoroughly cleaned Gastroenteritis amoebic dysentery and diarrhoea are common during this time of the year * Swap juice for whole fruit instead: In summer you often spot house flies especially in markets near food vendors They are major germ carriers and thus people should be careful when having juice outside Instead of cutting fruits or blending them into juice you should rather try to eat whole fruits to keep infections at bay For all the latest Lifestyle News download shlf1314n Express App More Top News Add your own thoughts to the comment section below. Having such a timetable could allow doctors to synchronize drug delivery to internal body time, Both researchers say further work will be necessary to make the technique more practical and more widely applicable,” Levi said.

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