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However,shooting of daily television soaps scheduled in suburban studios in the metropolis and neighbouring Thane district were also affected.starts working for the people. kya hone walla hai?’” says Joshi using a Hindi expression that means ‘what’s going to happen’ Joshi didn’t want to burden his wife or friends so he turned to a chatbot therapist called Wysa Powered by artificial intelligence the app promises to be ‘loyal supportive and very private’ and encourages users to divulge their feelings about a recent major event or big change in their lives “I could open up and talk” says the 41-year-old father of two school-age children who says his conversations with the bot flowed naturally “I felt heard and understood” Joshi moved to a large rival outsourcer two months ago The upheaval in shlf1314’s $154 billion tech outsourcing industry has prompted thousands of shlf1314ns to seek solace in online therapy services People accustomed to holding down prestigious jobs and pulling in handsome salaries are losing out to automation a shift away from long-term legacy contracts and curbs on US work visas McKinsey & Co says almost half of the four million people working in shlf1314’s IT services industry will become ‘irrelevant’ in the next three to four years shlf1314ns like people the world over tend to hide their mental anguish for fear of being stigmatized That’s why many are embracing the convenience anonymity and affordability of online counseling startups most of which use human therapists “Online mental health platforms are powerful and real-time counseling can segue into a solution” says Mridul Arora a managing director at SAIF Partners a venture capital firm that backed a startup called YourDOST “Any new service needs early adopters and who better than young tech-savvy IT professionals” YourDOST’s founders suffered their own career-related stress on their way up Despite attending a top engineering college and acing his computer science courses Puneet Manuja couldn’t find a job right away and was rejected by half-a-dozen companies including Yahoo and Adobe during campus placements Manuja’s classmates poked fun at him and he couldn’t share the agony with his parents or friends Meanwhile Richa Singh who later became his wife and partner was struggling with the suicide of a friend afraid she wouldn’t be hired during campus placement Last month Wysa’s founders conducted a quarterly review of chatbot content and discovered that chats related to job losses and work had become the second most popular topic (Image Source: Reuters) When the pair met years later at a global technology firm they shared their experiences and talked about doing something to help those with depression and stress YourDOST (dost means friend in Hindi) began as a blog but the pair decided they needed to do something for people afraid to seek face-to-face counseling The duo quit their jobs and set up a digital platform that offers counseling from a network of psychologists and psychiatrists Where face-to-face therapy can cost thousands of rupees YourDOST audio chats cost 400 rupees ($620) and video chats 600 rupees Help is available 24/7 and the startup currently offers over 2000 counseling sessions daily This summer at the height of the outsourcing job losses YourDOST also set up a toll-free helpline to comfort and advise anonymous callers Senior psychologist Sushma Hebbar says job loss in the male-dominated industry “is not just an economic defeat but a status loss too” Men break down during the counseling and weepy students berate themselves for choosing engineering as a career path They incessantly ask: how can I pull myself together and save my job One young woman who lost her job now fakes her office routine so her parents don’t find out A male engineer dismissed weeks before his wedding couldn’t bear to tell his future father-in-law Another husband-and-wife team Ramakant Vempati and Jo Aggarwal unveiled Wysa this January The chatbot uses natural language processing to understand and classify conversations then responds with compassionate solutions framed by therapists The founders consciously stayed away from replicating quick-fix solutions offered in self-help books or the therapist’s couch approach “The chatbot provides an empathic ear listens without judgment and guides them to the positive” Aggarwal says “The conversations feel natural and real” All counseling sessions are anonymous and free; the company makes money by licensing its AI technology to enterprise customers global insurers and healthcare providers Last month Wysa’s founders conducted a quarterly review of chatbot content and discovered that chats related to job losses and work had become the second most popular topic Dinesh Kumaramangalam had spent more than three years remotely managing client systems at a small IT services company when he was dismissed this summer The client’s projects had been automated and his 300-strong team was whittled down to 70 The 38-year-old was aghast and worried for his wife and six-year-old daughter His parents who live with him constantly doled out advice When a relative suggested he seek help through an online counseling service called the Juno Clinic he demurred Chatbots have become an integral part of services offered by social media companies as well as e-commerce websites and banks (File Photo) But after several months fruitlessly looking looking for work Kumaramangalam decided he had nothing to lose by reaching out to Juno Clinic Set up by three entrepreneurs who had all spent a major portion of their careers in the outsourcing industry the startup began offering online counseling sessions to users last year Its online chats are free while users are charged for audio and video chats Juno which is based in Mumbai created special packages for fired employees Its 28 therapists are trained in handling such callers “Intervention is very important or work-related anxiety and depression could quickly spiral into something worse” says co-founder Davesh Manocha Kumaramangalam was angry when he started counseling “I worked really hard” he says “I should’ve been one of the 70 who got to stay” Talking to the counselor helped him get over his frustration and frame better responses at job interviews After seven 800-rupee-an-hour counseling sessions via phone calls and and Skype video the engineer finally landed a job six weeks ago “It is a smaller IT services company almost a startup and I had to take a salary cut” Hey it’s a job For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsWritten by Chintan Girish Modi | Published: January 8 2017 12:22 am Related News At a time when religious extremists in shlf1314 and Pakistan are trying to outdo each other in their divisive rhetoric Pakistani Kathak dancer Rehan Bashir is an anomaly He has embraced the classical dance form with devotion and vouches for its power to break barriers and build bridges The 34-year-old an assistant professor of visual art at the National College of Arts in Lahore is also a yoga teacher and a designer and has to his credit Shahgird a dance piece that premiered in Washington DC last year In keeping with the mentor-disciple tradition that is central to his training in Kathak the performance is a tribute to his guru Nahid Siddiqui who trained under Pt Birju Maharaj in Lucknow During the military dictatorship of General Zia-Ul-Haq she was banned from performing and her art was labelled anti-Islamic Compelled to leave Pakistan she moved to the UK for several years While Siddiqui is back in Pakistan the view that dance especially Hindustani classical dance is un-Islamic has not completely disappeared Dance is a turf on which complex questions about national and religious identity are played out In an email interview Bashir talks about his devotion to Kathak the new production his guru and the potential of art to bring people together Excerpts: How would you describe your relationship with Kathak Kathak is my worship It has been taught to me by my guru as a divine form of movement Physically and mentally it has been very challenging but the struggle and the dance form has nurtured my spiritual being What drew you to Kathak My guru and her art drew me to Kathak I saw Payal (a Kathak-based television series which was aired in Pakistan shortly before Haq’s regime banned Siddiqui in 1978) on VHS while I was in school I remember being in awe of the poetry of her limbs I did my first workshop with her shortly after graduating from the National College of Arts in Lahore in 2007 I formally started after I returned from New York City on the completion of my graduate studies in 2011 I think I could be far more disciplined but I am working two jobs and that only allows me a small window to do my riyaaz I try and make the most of that time though As a Kathak dancer in Pakistan what does the cross-border inter-faith legacy of the art form and your taleem mean to you in the context of shlf1314-Pakistan relations and growing religious extremism in both countries My guru has always spoken with a lot of love and utmost respect about Pt Birju Maharajji and she fondly remembers late Pt Durga Lal with whom she had the chance to collaborate She has and continues to collaborate with artistes from shlf1314 and many other nations I honestly don’t care much for politics It has created such an unnecessary divide and bred hatred and continues to do so I can’t be an artiste and freely express or share my passion if I harbour these negative feelings about shlf1314 or any other country race or religion for that matter I have been lucky to have experienced Odissi performed by the dancers at Nrityagram in New York More recently in Washington DC at the Dakshina Dance Festival I was awed by Aswathy Nair’s Mohiniyattam and Indira Kadambi’s spellbinding Bharatanatyam I can say that by just experiencing them perform I have learnt a great deal Art truly has no barriers Kya Hindu kya Muslim We all speak the language of love and divinity Tell us about your new work Shahgird Shahgird is an ode to my teacher and the simplicity she preaches It’s about the growth I wish to experience and the improvement of each movement and gesture through hours of learning and observing If we are physically and spiritually aligned only then will our dance convey beauty You are also a yoga teacher How is your yoga practice connected with Kathak I cannot dance without yoga It is a very important aspect of Nahid Siddiqui’s teaching She made sure she introduced us to yoga first and then dance You need the silence and peace that culminates through a regular yoga practice to be able to convey peace and meditation through your dance The themes in your work might be identified in Pakistan as “having Hindu roots” – something that is actively discouraged by many clerics as un-Islamic What keeps you going Kathak is very secular My teacher has explored Rumi Khusrau and Bulleh Shah alongside many other themes in her productions There can indeed be a lot of opposition towards the arts but luckily Pakistanis have always voted (whenever given the chance) overwhelmingly for liberal democratic candidates and that has given people like us hope to carry on There is no room to make this political Ours is not a tone of resistance but of utmost inclusiveness Is your being a man who performs Kathak often a point of curiosity or surprise I don’t look at this art form through the lens of gender It’s a discipline that unfortunately not many men want to take up but maybe in the near future things may change for the better It’s my responsibility as an artiste to convey this message When you visited shlf1314 what was your experience like Do you feel safe visiting now I have been there in 2011 and 2012 and I fell in love Chandni Chowk in Delhi felt like Anarkali in Lahore My friends from Mumbai had such glorious stories which I witnessed when I visited I did not feel unsafe for a second My dadi migrated from Ferozpur My nana and nani escaped the riots while migrating from Shimla I still have a few relatives in Delhi The extended family moved from Amritsar Delhi and other parts of east Punjab Chintan Girish Modi is a freelance writer educator and researcher based in Mumbai For all the latest Lifestyle News download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsBy: Bloomberg | Published: December 11said is something you feel like leaving for your grandchildren.

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