Find site is down right cause and solve

we do in the chain and chain need to pay attention to, not a single text to the website home page, search engines will be regarded as cheating, and on your site right down, we often talk about, text should pay attention to the diversity, such as your website main keywords do Guangzhou website optimization, use keywords can we do, the related description text website optimization, search engine optimization, keyword optimization, etc..

website has been the basis weight of keywords ranking, but a website weight is search engine downgrade your keywords in the search engine rankings plummeted, we called down right.

two, the content of repetitive

is more than four novices in the website optimization comparison easy to make mistakes when causing the site to drop right, try to avoid mistakes, can walk less crooked road, the above points is norvin site optimization experience, hope to help you.


in the construction site before we should set a good website title, often modify the site title will be search engine that your site is not stable, drop right on the site, so the site title must do not change, if the site just built, promotion of a week or so feel keywords is not appropriate, then can make changes, because the search engine is not on your website to give weight.


if your content is by copying other sites is very easy to search engine drop right, we should try to write their own original content, if you can not write, modify the title and content of less, if it is the type of products, can be reached around the product analysis of original content, of course, want to restore the site the weight, original content, and update the website content is also very important, write a program, the specified time to update their own content.

, a keyword stack

why the search engine will be down right on the site, there is definitely a reason, we have listed below some novices may be easy to make mistakes, to find out the reasons and to solve the site right down.

stack is a website optimization method, but too far, will become a search engine that is cheating, not in the web page title, pictures, ALT added a large number of target keywords, should add keywords do a very natural feeling, the page key word density remained relatively stable in 2%-8%, not more than 8% some is cheating, depending on the content of the page.

three, a single text points to the website

four, the website often change the title

How do we know that the

site is down right? May be confirmed by some 1., usually several more traffic more keywords suddenly did not return flow; 2. through the search in the search engine (site: your domain) is not in love first in Shanghai; 3. through the search in the search engine (domain: your domain) not in Shanghai the first love; the three points are to check whether the site is down right.

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