On site outside the chain of plain text and hyperlinks effect

, a pure text link

what is the pure text links pictures:

figure can be seen in the Shanghai show love in correlation domain is pure text links, it is often said that the Shanghai anti chain of love. Although such links can not directly enter the click, but to improve the weights of the ranking or some, of course it needs to link with quality. Text link quality is indeed can improve the site weight and ranking, and now most of the webmaster do the chain is YISHION text links in the form of the majority, so that the text link also has help to improve website rankings weights, the key point about how the quality of.

. Understand the easiest way is to use pure text links in the form of text with the same, the mouse to move the link above without any change. This is pure text links. So pure text links can’t click into the website useful or not? The answer is certainly useful. Pure text links can improve the site’s popularity, such as you to some BBS promotion, the attractive article leave URL, as users browse to your article feel attractive, nature will give you copy the URL into the search bar or at the input to the search bar, so you can easily allows the user to produce a little impression on you. This is to improve the site’s exposure rate is not very useful? And text can also increase the love Shanghai to enhance the website weight related domain ranking function. Figure

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Is the most commonly used two kinds of chain chain in the form of

every day. Pure text links and more links, although it can use hyperlinks of the platform is less and less, but this will not affect the webmaster pursuit of hyperlinks to improve website ranking weight enthusiasm, is called the one upmanship, take love Shanghai know it, the reason of love is long standing platform high weight, can do a hyperlink. It seems that love Shanghai is also aware of this, by strengthening the review makes the survival of the hyperlink number of less and less. So in this situation, the webmaster can not do the chain? The answer is negative, the corresponding text links came into being. The quality of text links have the same super link, can also enhance the ranking weight. Today the two chain forms the basic role of interpretation.

Effect of ?Is the pure text links cannot use the mouse click directly into the web link graph display The


what is the hyperlink? Wikipedia explanation is a hyperlink refers to the connection point to a target from a web page. For this we are not difficult to understand, such as A and B, are connected to each other through a link, through the A in B can enter the B page, then the B is a hyperlink function. If you do not understand, we can see:

two, hyperlink


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