Love Shanghai Site website home page is not the first cause


article published this article published after is the second, not in June 19th Shanghai dragon blog chain, just update an article, the day around 7 p.m. try site website, all >

Fuqing Shanghai dragon guess the reason:

2, domain:www. domain name is the home page, and today is a snapshot of the

The weight of home page;

1, the direct search site, the site is home page URL Title appear;

3, I see the Shanghai dragon blog chain, found a website site home page is not in the first

1 pages, in the eyes of search engines are more important than the home page, so the site is not the first home page, mainly due to the Shanghai dragon blog chain most support pages, so reduce the web page in the search engine’s weight, relatively speaking, Shanghai spiders can be mistaken in love the page is more important.

4, Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog site time about 2 months, which belongs to the new station, since that day on the record, this is the first time site is not in the first place;


8, the Shanghai dragon blog recently inside and outside the chain actually rose a lot, rose from three hundred to more than 1100;

5, Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog each regional keywords were ranked first, it is normal;

the Shanghai dragon blog in June 18th site is not in the first place, whether to drop right? The Shanghai dragon blog 18 day made a dozen pages high weight outside the chain, the home page snapshot of the day into site, but went to the last page of the home page. (this article is published on June 18th).

4, the author will continue to observe the Shanghai dragon blog website included quantity, keyword ranking, website snapshot, website weight and other factors, to do some details, hope to love Shanghai two days to update.

2, the Shanghai dragon blog chain increased frequency and speed has no regularity, sometimes not one day, sometimes one day dozens, so that the spider is not normal, the site address is not in the home is a warning to the owners, not only in the website content updates need to have the law, but also in the increase the chain should also moderate.

6, the Shanghai Phoenix blog each keyword density is less than 3%, there’s no keyword stacking problem;

3, for friends of the chain of site is not the first home page, the author first kept unchanged, the release of this article to see if you can go out in a few minutes included test site of the spider attraction again.

7, Fuqing Shanghai dragon blog do internal links is not really very good, basically is the key point to the

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