Love Shanghai in search of slowly Baidu you sad

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Summary: dead? ?

revision Post Bar commercial is a product of history in the development of Internet, a strategy is also love Shanghai in marketing, said the most popular is that the website does not wish to maximize the benefits of

?This article from the Chinese provincial

love Shanghai Post Bar is still the largest Chinese community

recently a lot of friends in the circle to discuss the love of Shanghai is mainly because of love Post Bar, Shanghai Post Bar recently commercialized serious, often play Post Bar friends all know, love Shanghai Post Bar launched Post Bar trading currency: T allows users to red beans; T beans, beans T role to achieve post their top, post title change the color, and the signature changes than ordinary users, that is to say as long as you rush your money in the bar is the senior user, is not the money to the red is the nouveau riche, hanging wire! There is Post Bar in love Shanghai advertising has more than ever before! Before only at the top of a Post Bar advertising now, Post Bar intermediate has also been a banner ad affected users love beautiful! Shanghai Post Bar commercialization has a serious impact on the user experience, a lot of friends said in Post Bar will not play, not before! The Lord has the right to good top posts and essence, now, as long as you rush to buy T beans can make the top posts, so it asbrittle, this also led to a lot of the main exit Post Bar love love Shanghai! Shanghai big brother could not afford Baidu, want to fall in love with the sea Post Bar commercial multi earn money to spend Baidu? Face more and more loyal customers leave Post Bar Baidu you haven’t considered the reasons for



love Shanghai Post Bar you do not play? Baidu is not sad

love Shanghai Post Bar in 2003 on the line, love is Shanghai’s main product, after 11 years of development Post Bar love Shanghai has become the largest Chinese community, with hundreds of millions of users.

2014 Post Bar revised commercial, although many users against a lot of opinions, but does not affect the operation and development of commercial Post Bar, why love Shanghai against all the odds to Post Bar commercial? Because Shanghai is adsorbed on the Post Bar love love Shanghai search engine products, Shanghai is the largest Chinese love search, Post Bar in love the content of the show in Shanghai to search content in front, Shanghai is of course to love their home to the best position.

introduction: Baidu filed in the webmaster world who do not know who does not know at first? Baidu once love Shanghai Post Bar, netizens in Shanghai posted a love Post Bar generally love to Baidu floor, this is "love the sea" is the netizens to love Shanghai products is not perfect or ridicule not satisfied,. The word "Baidu" in Shanghai Post Bar in love can be described as popular throughout Shanghai Post Bar love, this is a bit like a singer to sing red songs out on both sides of the Changjiang River! Today I write this article on the Shanghai Post Bar with love, we look at the


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