PPC five tips enhance advertising effectivenessNo website have earned over 10000 yuan this month

2. adds keywords associated with the site

you can try to put the address of the landing page in the keyword query tool, and shlf1314 will provide the keyword recommendations you should use on the web page.

if you are using a broad keyword strategy, you can now try to match exact words or phrases. This will also effectively reduce advertising costs.

in China, the most familiar PPC advertising is shlf1314 AdWords, it has become one of the main means of network marketing for many enterprises. However, some companies find that the cost of shlf1314 AdWords accounts has not decreased, but enquiries have been decreasing. Or the cost has increased, but the inquiry has not increased. What is going on? – to introduce you five tips to help you get out of the mud Bog:

4. try another keyword tool,


5. lowered or raised bid

in this case, you can try using another keyword to study tools that will help you select the appropriate keywords.

your ads don’t have to be in the first place. Sometimes it’s good to be in third, fourth place, and you can pay quite a bit of click cost. Sometimes you can raise your bid for some words and lower your bid for other words. The most significant effect of this is to reduce the cost of advertising. Of course, higher quality scores also help us to stay in the front with less expense.

1. add non popular keywords

well, said such a mess, everyone is not what I said is, in fact, many webmaster friends all know this activity, that is, the trial shlf1314 500 preferential account number ggadwords. shlf1314 from September -10 months have a batch, November -12 months have a batch. I started in December, when we all know, there are many parts of the trial, please, probably the most requested two or three. While I was listening to a friend, bought a phone card a number can only please one account to please dozens, down, have certain skills among this, please everyone will know that, my money is earned by buying account. There may be some people who are frustrated and missed the good chance to tell you that shlf1314’s current account is still available, just 500 instead of 350. Maybe someone will say, "why do you ask so many accounts?" "Oh, first, you can keep your own.". Second, you can buy it. A large number of people are bidding on the Internet

has been surfing the Internet, not playing games, sitting in front of the computer to know what to do, leisure also done a few sites, but none of the climate, traffic less poor. In November last year, I made a movie website with Marx. When I arrived at IP2000, the space was sealed. I’m sure everyone knew what the reason was. Also because of this, I know a lot of webmaster, gave me a lot of help, especially in the local website communication group of Hong Qian, technically gave me a lot of help, here, thank him.


wrote a few days ago "mainstream domestic PHP classification information site procedures contrast" did not expect, now many people looking for me to website template, it is very unexpected. Because this template is also bought in the static flowers and trees. So they all refused. Do Jiujiang information network, jxx5 is in the movie station after closing things, every day to see other webmaster A5 article, that period of time is very confused, don’t know can still do stand. When everyone is looking at the classified information station, my station will follow. In this month, I do not want to contact the higher the industry, let me know understand for a long time, network, strategic base, and SEO only husband, said that with this Wangzhuan website related, I believe we all agree, but I spent a month on the Internet, no I made a website, but in the network the first money 10000 dollars, of course, for many webmaster friends, this is not what, but for me, do not rely on the website, can make this, is also very satisfied, then when I told my network for a long time when talking about this, he told the mysterious I, this month he earned one hundred thousand. Because I made it, so I believe him. There’s a bit of risk in his way of thinking. The following is my Alipay Cash records, and balance plus. There’s nothing to show off here,

uses the shlf1314 keyword tool to find potentially unpopular keywords. Many companies will have the experience of constantly adjusting the hot keywords in advertising, but enquiries have not changed significantly. This advice tells you to try to add some non – popular keywords. Often these words are huge. What do you see as a result?.

3. tries to use a different matching scheme,

even search engine advertising management experts also need to constantly adjust methods and optimization strategies in advertising activities. The difficulties you face are not alone, nor are you isolated. Competitive ranking requires a certain amount of time and effort. Well managed, will bring efficient results for enterprises. On the other hand, paid search requires excellent control, otherwise it can be a great waste.

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