How to carry out the analysis of user needs and user habits analysis

method is as follows:

drop-down boxThe principle of

steel price index: 1314 average Shanghai love 7 love Shanghai index: 93

Alibaba Shanghai average price of steel love index: 1204 Feb 7 love Shanghai index: 118


case: love Shanghai in search of steel prices, the drop-down box as shown in figure

according to the above principle, the love Shanghai related to the search term is one manifestation of the needs of users.


: the case of Shanghai love search keywords steel prices, the relevant keywords appear, the market price of steel market, steel prices, steel prices in 2012, today the price of steel, the steel price list, steel price chart, the price of steel, steel ajige, renderings are as follows:

(1) love Shanghai related search

love Shanghai principle related searches, users search a keyword, the desired result is not found, the search will have second words, this second users search word is the first word of the search. It is found, some relevant search words is not the love of Shanghai index, but this does not mean that no one search. Because of love, Shanghai index is that it requires the user to establish, to see if the word, no user is established, there is no natural index. Of course, this is just one of the situation.

steel prices love Shanghai average index: 4504 Feb 7 love Shanghai index: 341

steel price index: 804 average information love Shanghai 7 July love Shanghai index: 74


steel price index: 1404 average Shanghai love 7 love Shanghai index: 108

love Shanghai drop-down box, search keywords A, there will be some words contain the keywords A, this order is based on the love of Shanghai index size, in descending order.

time, user groups to increase the user’s needs will also change. The change of the main reasons are: age differences, cultural differences, differences, differences in demand. Change site only continue to meet the needs of users, is the site of long-term development of the road.


today love Shanghai steel prices average index: 2294 Feb 7 love Shanghai index: 223



that how to analyze the needs of the users of the

Need analysis of


steel jiagezoushitu love Shanghai average: 3434 Feb 7 love Shanghai index: 239

(2) love Shanghai

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