Keywords Shanghai dragon skill of sharing website

if you want to buy clothes, online search the tide dress, quickly find your site through a similar trend of women’s this words can, behind the transformation completed.

What is the

two, the specific implementation steps of

had never been exposed to the Shanghai dragon, after the company put me in charge of Shanghai dragon, immediately feel lack of knowledge, but their active learning ability is also good, here to share a whole scheme of this period of time and in the process of learning experience, is also the time of work and summarize the study and share to do Shanghai dragon and Shanghai Longfeng students are learning.

chose to first brainstorm population sample, one person’s opinion is subjective, a division of opinion although cannot guarantee the very comprehensive and objective, but relatively speaking, both to ensure the time cost, sample collection cost and more.

1 ensure target keywords according to the needs of the target user site.


has a purpose, he will perform; execution should be in accordance with the procedures and rules of a step by step to reach that aim to achieve. The following steps summarized their choice of words, (specific conditions, I may not be completely accurate but can guarantee a certain reference ~!):

keyword, the search is like the first one says the user to find what you want words. When the website or platform you can have some unique characteristics of resources or time, may wish to put some key words can reflect these characteristics; this is to bring effective flow, such as star resources.

2, the effective choice of keywords, avoid overheating competition.

The word " sample delineation

" meaning, the meaning of each word is limited, through some keyword mining algorithms have some potential vocabulary (PS: don’t underestimate these expansion words, maybe there will be unexpected harvest.).

, a clear objective:

4, looking for new opportunities.

online search for men and women users so much, basically popular keywords is not high, PPC is the site of a wide range of similar words heat the heavens, then you can choose to do more expensive keyword bidding, but if you want to make more cost-effective, efficient selection of keywords, avoid overheating a principle of competition is the choice of keywords (the specific conditions, this is the general principle).

3, looking for keywords reflects a website unique resources or characteristics.

before doing anything, have a clear result of doing this is to be reached, we often say that the purpose of. The narrow sense of the objective is simple – to bring traffic (the effective transformation of e-commerce company); generalized the key words on purpose there are many, in general, are:

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