How to face the love of Shanghai long term not update problem

how to face love Shanghai long-term not update problem. In fact, here is relative, love Shanghai don’t update? No, now love Shanghai two days a small update, a big update for three days; the weight of the high site may constantly update, this is normal thing, because of love of Shanghai mainly depends on the weight update site, time to determine the length of. But in the face of love Shanghai algorithm a renewal, now love Shanghai for small and medium-sized enterprise website update is not so hard, and even can be said to be stalled, the author deeply felt. Before have friends ask me, why now I site every day to update the original article, also love the hair of the chain, Shanghai is not updated. This update includes two aspects, the first is included and the chain site did not change (a small reduction, but no increase in trace), motionless; second is the site of the chain and set are changing, but the site keywords ranking is still. In fact, the essence is the same, as we did not reach the optimization requirements. Our main purpose is to have good keywords ranking, this is what we want. Love the face of Shanghai’s long-term not update, we as a webmaster and how to do it. Look at the following Hefei network promotion pony is a story.

, the original article is simply

website is not updated in many aspects of the. For example, on the whole Shanghai love is not updated, love Shanghai has no update on this website. The content of the website is not updated long-term. This time we do not have to consider what, write original articles to their site, so simple. Others say more crap. Of course, pay attention to small details, the original article is not original, but also a useful article; the number of the law to have the higher quality.

optimization is a kind of mentality of the problem. Is not just a day at the computer, knock on the keyboard so simple. The mentality is very important, have the courage to persevere and confidence; there is perseverance and perseverance. In fact, now a lot of Shanghai dragon ER because the love of Shanghai "

persistence is victoryMany times we say

two, the user experience is the premise of


three, the high quality is the chain must be

site optimization so far, although love Shanghai algorithm change again, but the high quality of the chain is always to do this work, and has never changed, but now the requirement is more high. High quality and high quality, certainly not bad. The chain of high quality, the content is very good, the user experience is good, love, then you can see the good rankings? No less fourth content.

why did you say that the user experience is the premise. The reason is very simple, when I see this website is not good or not good, feel not to want to see, even the good content did not feel what. This is very important, especially hate ads and annoying popups and excessive business etc..

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