n the face of Shanghai dragon algorithm for frequent updates you Hold it

1. needs to do is not just the chain home page, inside pages also need.

3. for different industries, can take into account the relevant information submission station access to the high quality chain.

4. do not go to the forum with signature, such foreign chain has almost no good.

every time the author had finished writing, he would read it again and ask yourself a question: "if I was a visitor, this article has value to me?" if only to let visitors see already existed in the content of the Internet, he is certainly not willing to stay at this site, on the contrary is if we insist every day to update the original content, write meaningful visitors to the text so the opposite effect, even for reprint unexpected results.

first I also like everyone, every day doing repetitive mechanical things, is the only forum in some exchange chain, in the group of friends of the chain or several articles posted on the website. This method, to still have the effect, but due to the beginning of May after the site was K, after several days of reflection, very reluctant to give up the optimization of two months to do the new website will continue to optimize.

support, thank you!In this paper,

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well, this article today was first wrote here, I hope we can bring some new things, finally thank you for reading and

although the Shanghai dragon is not good to do, but if we can keep the user on the website inside to see, want to learn and to understand things, so the website still exists and the value of the.

in Shanghai Longfeng algorithm of frequent updates, you hold live? Is to continue to adhere to the hair of the chain, chain and pseudo original article? Or according to the current situation of the search optimization adjusted

engine optimization market is not peaceful domestic search recently, with the love of Shanghai in order to enhance the user experience and make a series of adjustment algorithm, which makes a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel can keep up the pace of love in Shanghai.

5. website content updated regularly, so the spider climb will be more rules.

2. as the original, even if false original also please take some time to change it.

(copyright 贵族宝贝jt68.net all competing body, turn on

later, a few days after the constantly thinking, we adopted a new way to optimize the new station, here I will share with you a few points, hope to provide some help for you:

but before this time without the use of optimization routines to do, because of the way to get to the chain and the quality is not high, as long as there is a day after search engines will be eliminated, the final is not to search a good optimization effect.

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