A breakthrough in electronic commerce website long tail keywords increase included

is the first website directory with the keyword level, the establishment of tree structure directory, make a good base for keywords ranking. Do B2C website optimization, mining and distribution of the most important and long tail keywords, the success of e-commerce sites will never lost to rivals in the long tail keywords. Get this kind of keywords is also very simple, just mentioned the hospital website case is directly explained, provided by the web service or product with combination of product attributes and evaluation of key words.

is now the market economy minded businessmen will not miss any opportunity, the electronic commerce website of any industry such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, with the first, there will be countless peers into the home. Sell the products are similar, leading us to optimize the same keywords even long tail keywords competition pressure.

e-commerce love Shanghai auction is the most direct way, which directly affect the effect of Shanghai dragon. A core keywords, often there will be more than 5 ppc. Even the first position, will have a great influence. The optimization to the first page of the key words, probably because the auction is too big to let your resentment, and ultimately nothing.

electronic commerce website to sell products, want to through the network marketing business will provide many products and key words. For example, the website of the hospital, all departments of the hospital involved will become the target keywords, in addition, every kind of disease of each department involved was seriously ill and the consequent. In addition to the target keywords, if you are connected with enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng single counterparts, must pay attention to a point, the key is to optimize the flow of money linked to the core index of Shanghai dragon will do care about the site, site traffic, only to several target key word optimization, traffic will be miserable, so you must also try to keywords high traffic to sit.

3. love Shanghai auction.

here, we should mention the coping strategies. In many competitors in order to reflect the real skill talent shows itself in Shanghai dragon. The title has said very clearly, I think it is a breakthrough in the long tail keywords and the website to enhance the amount of.

believe that many professional practitioners in Shanghai dragon to the electronic commerce website done optimization, whether search optimization of hospital in Shanghai Longfeng, manufacturing enterprises in Shanghai dragon or part of the shopping platform, all belong to this category. If two years ago, we may feel Shanghai dragon is very easy, exchange Links, send some outside chain, even if the long-term site not update will also maintain a good ranking. Today, we feel more and more difficult to analyze the Shanghai dragon, under our difficulties.

2. from peer competition.

furthermore, a large number of included and weight needed to make the long tail keywords play a role in this paper, a content can speak, "

The Keywords

1. requires many optimization.

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