Teach you how to publish a mortgage on the one thousand chain

in fact we can write some of the places you have been, for example, you can write the Korean tourism, the main description of their home, and then write out a senior copywriter intercepting others visited South Korea in the anecdotes, make a comparison, such a fascinating article appeared, and then sent to the some websites or circle tour pal portal forum in the tourism sector, as long as we persist, and write the sincerity, inevitably can cause the attention of others.

how to attract these our rivals? I need your technology, the first method: you want to go to a threat to them, you can write some company to get much of an order, by what means, or a certain large enterprises reached a cooperation intention "preliminary

How do we make a

then say some popular, such as gate, industrial materials, CNC machine tools and so on, these things themselves rarely focus groups in general, unless you use statistical software to find the website backstage, or you don’t know these users come from? This is actually an anti let owners worry the problem, I even customers do not know where, you let me go to what place with traffic? Most people’s choice is every day to B2B and classified information to send some of their factories and how good article. More ignorant people will go to buy a bulk software, every day thousands of chain, they think that their customers will come to.

a good chain in addition to the site included, but also can bring flow. The most important is to cultivate your fans, what are fans, love is a kind of resource, Shanghai now many algorithms and updates, many are running to the go, let you cultivate a group of fans for their websites, but also indirectly for the cultivation of loyal fans love Shanghai. Have to say 360 appears to love Shanghai Alexander ah.

we do not say first love in Shanghai will not be trouble, but we want to know is what the so-called web traffic division will pay attention to you, except that one will have hundreds of thousands of users of rare, natural flow. We can use up what. I’m here to make a suggestion, that is our company, as a webmaster industry site person in charge, especially the high price of the product site responsible person, we should know that a problem is that the wolf little more meat, in some places, manufacturers than the actual needs of the users to the website, for example Hubei cement factory and generator manufacturers website about thousands of animals. These manufacturers bluntly, in fact can become our website traffic.

so many people think that just outside the chain of an advertisement to attract the attention of others. Here we must first understand their potential customers in the industry? This is very important, for example, a popular tourism industry, can say a lot of places, but the hair of the chain or directly on each line of quotation and thread arrangement, either because many places have not been to. How to describe? So they can only take things to copy, or trying to find pseudo original software.

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