Help some website behavior improve site weights

in fact before I doubt everything good for the behavior of the user experience can help to improve the website weight "view, only that the high quality content and the chain can be brought to the site weight, since " LEE" the answer, I will dispel doubt, if interested friends can see love Shanghai webmaster Club this post 贵族宝贝tieba.baidu贵族宝贝/club/9374916/p/6960186 since no longer doubt everything good for the behavior of the user experience can help to improve website weight, here look at the recent popular" promotion website weight method:

first, to increase the social sharing this button, now there are a lot of website application, whether it is A5, Chinaz, Shanghai dragon why webmaster kind website, and enterprise station also on the inside pages of their own to increase the social sharing buttons, once visitors find content of interest, can be a key share to other sites to reprint this. Not only brings convenience to visitors, but also to their own website to do a mission, so the user experience, Why not?

although many Shanghai dragon Er thinks that we should put the user experience first, all from the user experience to proceed, but in fact, many people only talk about, just in the rankings, improve website keywords weight, increase the connection response blindly, while ignoring the user experience, in fact, everything is beneficial to the behavior of the user experience it helps to enhance the website weight ", which is the official love Shanghai.

second, QQ, micro-blog account login forum, now a lot of community forum registration is not required, only QQ can also visit the forum, due to a large number of QQ users, so a lot of practical QQ can also log compatible forum forum. Because some visitors need to register or register, it is found that the forum is very complicated, the visitors may drain, if visitors found QQ can also visit the forum, visitors are still willing to come in, so the use of QQ on the forum can also avoid the loss of visitors, by the rise of Yu Weibo, micro-blog is also a good practical binding the choice of.

on the surface, the above measures are to enhance the user experience, in fact, these measures also help to improve the weights of the website, so I advise you not to be too deliberate what weight algorithm, instead of wasting.

third, good user experience is to do the details, and then I can not put all the details listed, after all, the user experience is everywhere, I need your careful experience, the user experience is not limited to a certain function, may be a mood, a word can bring the user experience, such as "the police station homepage" and "design for the home station of the two kinds of expressions, we can go to ponder, this is an old topic, in short, as their visitors can see from other stations have a good user experience, this is not too much to explain, is the so-called user experience only can it easily, can only be sensed.


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