Shanghai dragon must know the 100 site optimization question select 10 Q on

site title is also of concern to many people, I found that now we ask not only how to write the title, also asked the site title should be long, this is all a cognitive Shanghai dragon performance is more and more mature, so long the best title? Love Shanghai title search results show up to 30 Chinese character, Google 32 Chinese character, so in order to avoid the site title tail was cut very deeply, is not conducive to the user, the website title tag is best not more than 30 words, but in order to improve the user experience and highlight the target keywords, wood Shanghai Longfeng suggested length best in 20-25 about why? Because the title is too long, not necessarily words and this is not conducive to highlight the target keywords, reduces the correlation between title and website content; and the title is too long will disperse off Key word weight. Although the title should not be changed, but not frequent replacement, but with the addition of many different keywords in the title or keyword stack inside, need not hesitate to change.

secondly, whether the site has reached a traffic bottleneck, site traffic construction not only depends on the article and the chain, especially when a bottleneck site arrives, the original and the chain effect will be weakened, we need to do a whole adjustment of the structure of the web site and plate as a whole the optimization of some of the details of the site in

Since ?

three original articles were included in the

Why not, I

first thing to say is the original article must be included, pseudo original, acquisition must be included, this is.

finally, through the search engine to site traffic is only a part of the overall traffic, through which a point to flow also has its limits, we need to create more website promotion plans, such as bidding, blog promotion, forum, love Shanghai businesses, products and so on, a healthy website should be able to get traffic from many places but not limited to search.

is not stagnant traffic flow decreased, indicating the site did not drop right, and why


, a web site updated daily original, the chain also has been doing, how can the flow is always stagnant?

website optimization problems has always been there, writing before the Shanghai dragon website optimization quiz series also achieved good results, since then a lot of people asked wood Shanghai Longfeng some problems, I put before the 100 and ask these questions together summed up the 10 representative questions, because it is selected and the answer will be relatively a little more detail, it is divided into two parts, following the first half:

site title how best?A



first, update the original and the chain is effective, the content of the update and the chain can really bring traffic to the site, but some low quality junk the chain is not original and what effect for site traffic, but the adverse effects of

website traffic stalled?

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