The five major search engine optimization process




, a website analysis


1.2. is currently ranked targeted terms


traffic analysis, please take your collection and analysis of materials. Because there is no single tool that can give you a perfect data. The use of other tools and manual mode, record your collected data, and then slowly analysis.

2.3. 2.3. view competitors reverse link

keyword research

, 2.2 competitors of

the next step is to perform keyword research. We need this part, in order to optimize the content and in the future we establish keywords for strong, will bring traffic. Keyword research there are many kinds of methods, you can also use the Shanghai dragon tool to find the most appropriate for your keywords.

site architecture content optimization Keyword research basic

3.1., the title tag, description, page


.High quality

3.3, HTML and technical problems

3.3. site map

Two, the website speed 404 ALT picturesThe


2.1. for the


2.2. ranked the best


2.3. 2.3. content

"content is king, the chain for emperor" this sentence I believe we all heard, enough to show the importance of website content optimization of Shanghai dragon. >

is the first step in Shanghai dragon in the course of our website is analyzed. You need to know your customer and customer requirements, none of these things, you will never be able to fully promote your customers, and fail to get great results. This process can be a bit tricky, but it is the most important step, after this step, and then start thinking the next step.

1., you should have a lot of potential keywords, standing in the angle of visitors to visitors will use keywords to find what you want to find something. Finally, you should find some main keywords and long tail keywords.



1.1. navigation

data collection The contents of

1.3. internal anchor text link

1.1. analysis of existing traffic flow, the number, type conversion

website optimization

2.1. to ensure that no duplicate content

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