Some traces appear love Shanghai Spark Program

aggregation page I have cut down. It is also one of the search results click URL popup

URL, will pop up another another love Shanghai search results page, but also the inner surface of the web page, and the content of polymerization. This map is TUI18, was first to see is A5, but to refresh the old half genius to see. The following is about A5.

we can see that love Shanghai in the search results appear certain website content, do not know if there is no other children’s shoes, anyway, this is the first time I see.

search command will know, search results are A5 pages.


was the first to be clear, not every search will produce such search results, sometimes is not, mostly search out, then a few seconds before the page pops up a URL like this. So after reading this article ‘s shoes, can try the small, because this is the first time I see search results.

at the same time, the search results are usually websites in the industry is quite famous, small owners don’t have to think.

Click on the

has no intention to love Shanghai website about those problems, see some small, small small owners found support for love, Shanghai spark plan, will support the grass root, the grassroots webmaster, I don’t think so fast, after all the love interest of Shanghai for the first. We look at the picture, no nonsense

The A5


of love Shanghai Spark Program guess, love Shanghai really want to integrate the Internet environment, several updates to the small station hit more is not small, in fact so much to see, feel in love with sea trying to integrate an ecological environment, is always so to suppress the small owners, eventually lose 2.


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