Taobao online purchase virtual host whether you have to polish his eyes

has bought the space of people have met or concurrent IIS connection flow of limited space per month, many owners in the beginning of the purchase of the host is often entangled in these two parameters, see if there are no restrictions on traffic or IIS general merchandise will be more attention. But you have not thought about, there is no limit to your host, there is also no other site restrictions and you the same server, and we know that a server capacity is limited, if IIS does not limit, and you just with a high traffic site in the same.

many novice just in the Taobao selected host will first consider the general is the size of the host will not be enough, some have even size and speed the pace of capacity equate, therefore some people will look specifically at the great capacity of the host, and not far too much capital investment, can think high quality and inexpensive host, based on the author’s experience to buy this back to your host may suffer, or server downtime is slow and so on will often pick one. We look at the Taobao sales of a large capacity and low price mentioned in the host, as shown in figure


I believe that many owners have purchased the host in Taobao’s experience, I had to buy the host in Taobao but reached a very unpleasant experience, because the host site every two or three days problems appeared, which results in their Shanghai Longfeng lagged back there. Today the author simply according to the sales of Taobao baby on the virtual host and share some of your purchase experience, hoping to help people keep their eyes open, to reduce unnecessary losses.



we can see that a host of Taobao sales for the capacity of 1G, so 1G capacity space for our site is large and small? The author made an analogy You’ll see., general of our small and medium-sized CMS site in 200M space than people think are enough. Then we see a baby in this price, there is no wrong, the price was 99 yuan, buy a Western Digital 200M space will be around one hundred and fifty, this one is so cheap, whether space is the legend of the high quality and inexpensive. But we think carefully, you will find the question, imagine the IDC industry product prices so transparent, if such a large space price is not more than three digits, then taking profits obtained from space, finally manufacturers often compressed service, resulting in the spatial instability or problems slow speed etc.. Indeed, we look to buy the evaluation of a host of people. As shown below.

commodity flow, not limited to


Two: host

goods: host, low price

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