The actual studio website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process


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has already mentioned the regional choice of keywords, keyword refinement region is actually a long tail strategy. Segmentation is not limited to the place where you are, can also choose the scenery, hotels, companies, landmarks etc. keywords plus the combination of wedding photography, the formation of regional long tail keywords. Secondly, the word "wedding" is also diversified, such as "wedding" "wedding photo" this two word search volume is not worse than it. Long tail keywords more colloquial, more people search. For example, we often give customers the "guest" mentioned, because there are pictures of the needs of the people, the general has consulted many agencies, each city, holiday weekend in the town square at least more than one will pull the stalls to the wedding photography. Therefore, the wedding photography industry vocabulary has become one of the target users search.

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at present, the local service industry gradually realized the importance of network marketing and network promotion. The most popular is the hospital network marketing, this is more discussion of the. However, with the wedding photography market continues to expand, a small studio, a large number of wedding photography studio also joined the fray. People search their local area "XX wedding photography", can be found in fierce price competition. It can be said, who can make better use of network marketing tool, can better grasp the opportunity. Chongqing Pangge fat as a network marketing consultant to many studio, also has a lot of experience in this industry, here and share their wedding photography website how to through the website of Shanghai Longfeng construction to obtain effective customer.

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studio website, the majority of businesses will focus on appearance of the requirements of the site, this is a great relationship with the nature of the industry, if the site is good, the natural effect of studio impression on customers service quality. Many sites will use pictures and a large number of flash occupy the home, therefore, optimization of the website pictures is the priority among priorities, Shanghai Longfeng work in addition, should also increase the amount of some text content, to search.

wedding photography as a service, has obvious geographical restrictions, therefore, we must optimize the site need to subdivide the target customers. The first is the regional division, which is the most suitable for your clients. For example, Chongqing studio, Chongqing is divided into five major regions, each region has its own independent district, and each district in the studio lot. If you have a wide range of Chongqing as the main target customers, if not large studio chain stores, who will travel to you here. So, we must consider the principle of proximity. Even if you can’t put the "popular keywords Chongqing wedding photography" so do first, the "Jiangbei wedding" and do it first, and bring the actual customer conversion rate is very considerable.

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analysis of customer needs, so accurate target location

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