The webmaster can not know the writing skills to improve the page ranking


1. in the important position of the core keywords page. The core keywords appear in a different location on the page, the page is not the same as the correlation contribution. Several important position on the page, such as the front (preferably the first paragraph of the first sentence in the text) and tail (preferably in a group, H1, H2) and black label label, on page relevance. So, if possible, should be the core keywords deployed in these places.

as a webmaster, everyone knows that the page relevance is one of the important basis for the page rank, the higher correlation, under the same conditions, ranked first. There are two ways to determine the search engine related pages, one is through the chain (including the source of the chain website, the source page relevance and link anchor text and so on); another is the page itself, but also is the page text. The chain of factors, in addition to the chain of man-made construction, are generally not subject to personal control. The page text, entirely by personal control, therefore, to fully grasp the factors, improve the correlation of the page. To improve the page relevance through the page text, can from the following several aspects.

Figure two Figure

3. core keywords transform combination. The so-called transformation composite core keywords, that is the core keywords to disrupt, and then re assembled into different sentences. In one example, if a page core keyword "production"


2. core keywords layout of synonyms and related words. Here is a synonym, synonym of generalized, different titles and transform theories included the synonym, the same thing. The deployment of the core keywords synonyms and Related words in the page first, improve the semantic correlation between core keywords; second, improve the breadth of the search words of the corresponding page. For example, "postpartum how to lose weight" as the core keywords, you can also join in the page "postpartum weight loss method" and "how to" postpartum postpartum weight loss slimming "guide" these words. In this case, when a user searches for "how to lose weight postpartum postpartum" slimming method "of these words, than no" postpartum weight loss method "and" postpartum how thin these core keywords synonyms, related pages will be higher.

provides an example that do the role of how much. This page is a core keyword "postpartum

nipple improvements "(also the title of the page), the search for the word" nipple of topical borneol useful ", although the page title does not contain" external "and" ice ", but the content of the page contains these words (Fig. two), therefore, ranking in the second page; and search" core keywords postpartum nipple method to improve this page, but 10 pages in addition to ranking.

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