To speed up the server 3 tips website speed of

when the user visits the site, many sites on the resources needed by the server to the client is slowly loaded, in contrast, it will lead to the website loading speed delay, especially the JPEG image, if the content can be obtained from the browser cache, it will accelerate the loading time, so that the next time the user accesses the same the site site load faster using cache memory resource browser.

3, enable gzip compression

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2, enabled keep active signal

# compression: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, xml:

browser cache

gzip compression is the most popular, the most effective compression method, it can reduce the response time of about 70%. Gzip compression, reducing the size of the HTTP response, and helps to reduce the response time. I think this is used to reduce the weight of the page is the most simple way, just add the following code in your htaccess file:

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/p>

1, the use of

data show that: "loading more than 4 seconds, 25% people will give up the mobile phone;" more than 10 seconds, 50% users will give up, 60% people no longer return; noble baby search results 0.4 seconds slower, 8 million times a day to reduce the amount of search; 40% mobile shoppers will give up more than 3 seconds to load the network station; Amazon daily sales about $67 million, "second delay can lead to the loss of $1 billion 600 million, which is sufficient to prove that the website loading speed is how important. The implementation shows that the website loading speed delay from 100ms to 400ms users will be reduced by 2%, the loss will reach 0.6% each day.

any a webmaster want as much as possible to reduce the page load time, any search engine to provide a user experience good service to customers, improve the overall quality of the website, increase user satisfaction, everyone wants to enjoy a fast Internet experience. How to improve website loading speed? Can from three aspects to consider.

select the appropriate host for your business website, this is the first step of website construction began, has a professional configuration of the host of great help to enhance the website loading speed.

activity signals transmitted at a predetermined time interval, which plays a big role in the internet. A signal is sent, if no reply, will link through another route, until it receives a link recovery so far, in fact, HTTP activities allow TCP connections to survive, it helps to reduce the subsequent request delay, so please contact your hosting service provider, and tell them what you need because, most of the hosting company, this function is disabled.

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