How to optimize the site keywords Shanghai Longfeng treatment

anchor text links need to diversify

site keywords strengthen label Mo chaos

it may be said that this article did not introduce specific keywords to optimize the knowledge of Shanghai dragon. You need to know, keywords optimization of the article on the network has been very much, this article mainly reiterated the keyword optimization skills from the side, is played a supporting role.

The diversification of

we know that the webmaster want to pursue keyword density, but the density is too large, even if will not be penalized by search engines can also cause bad user experience. Finally, the keywords you want to rank, Shanghai will not give you love.

website how to do keyword optimization? This is a love in Shanghai after the update algorithm, we have been discussing the problem. Keywords light appears frequently in the article, and add the page links in these keywords in bold, black can improve the site rankings? Of course, now stage keywords Shanghai dragon is not so simple optimization.

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords no effect to this? "

rather than the pursuit of natural density

The new era of


Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

the use of bold, black filling effect can let the spider pay attention to these keywords, Jindo Shanghai Longfeng optimization expert advice, these tags can be used occasionally but stressed, can not be used indiscriminately. Will cause bad effects such as abuse, let the spider confused and disoriented.

anchor text, including the requirements of diversification. For example, one of the "Shanghai dragon optimization" article, not all in this article in Shanghai Longfeng optimization the word plus links in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website optimization, optimization of Shanghai dragon company, adding links, website optimization keywords.

in addition, the anchor text link also refers to the need to diversify diversification. Don’t always add home page link. If the link is changed into the correlation of links to the inside pages, either the user experience or to love Shanghai spiders, will be a lot friendlier.



new Shanghai dragon optimization era, love Shanghai has repeatedly stressed that the website should pay attention to the user experience. The user experience can be reflected in many aspects, one of which is the layout of the keywords. Don’t know the webmaster have such experience, when reading an article, always feel strange, in some places should not appear keywords, the keywords station layout.

, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon the keywords optimization pay attention to what the problem? Shanghai Jindo Shanghai Longfeng company will share some unknown experience for you.

why do anchor text? Has two purposes, one is to help better search engine spiders crawl the web, another is to allow users to more easily enter into another page to go. The anchor text is in the keyword link.

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