How to effectively promote the website optimization of viscosity three techniques

as everyone knows, the search engine optimization is one of the effective ways of website maintenance. The author thinks that Shanghai is not only the dragon and the hair of the chain, but everything to the user experience as the core and foundation, how to improve the viscosity of the website for users of all ages, is the ultimate search engine trust foundation to enhance the site weight. If Shanghai Longfeng personnel to optimize the optimization, then it is equal to that The loss outweighs the gain. will eventually be abandoned by the search engine, the author thinks that Shanghai Longfeng personnel must will enhance the user experience, to attract users of the viscosity strategies applied to the optimization of the website, and we analyze the following.

second, the structural design of the website content to visitors to the purpose and requirements. First, the author analyzes the search site of target customers and the second point I said is when customers enter our website, we will change what to provide users with valuable information, and thus indirectly improve customer for the website of course if the viscosity of web is like a delicious dishes, dishes first color collocation is the first, enter our field of vision, and to the site here mainly in regard to the design of website, including website color collocation, access speed, design time navigation, both in color art or customers to find the information you need to know the relevant channels is structure should be clean and clear. User comments and relevant information to find, then a delicious dishes, in addition to color, fragrant taste was the most outside The core of the specific to the website, is the content elements we said, the content of the website is the website of the spiritual food, is an effective way to improve the viscosity of the most important visitors, customers to access the site either directly to purchase products or information about the industry, we must consider, content should be diversified, not only to focus on product development, more detailed to different product specifications, parameters for the title were written.

first, find the precise target population is the target customers. This is very clear, very easy to understand, what is the purpose of my website, which wants to get the customer’s trust and support, which is to attract the high quality visitors are all we have to ponder and consider the problem of the general population for the orientation of the author suggests that the following way, we can refer to love Shanghai index according to our choice of keywords, search, user behavior analysis, mining user commonly used search words. Secondly, looking for accurate customer database, which is called the category of database marketing, the most common is to industry industry forum, QQ group, looking for some friends, regularly send the relevant industry documents, of course including the promotion of our website, the customer through the database firmly guide to the web site. Finally, must be combined with the company’s business scope, and leadership communication, can by telephone sales, name card sending, posters etc. will line customers into our website, general these parts can meet the customers we seriously implement the goal of most of the collection.

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