How to hold the keywords ranking website optimization

4, the rule of the chain

5, Links regular maintenance of

Finally the author general >

check Links, exchange Links, if Links be right down, found Links firmly determined to be relevant, the higher the better correlation. Links key snapshot and ranking, ranking the Links try not to do.

server is the foundation, is the premise, if not the basis and premise of others are empty, if not open today, tomorrow can not open, let alone love very tired, Shanghai spiders. Several times the spider to the website does not open, very angry, very long time is not good, is likely to lead you into time, the snapshot not update, thereby affecting the website rankings.


3, regular update high quality articles

1, always check the websiteKeywords

is a special enterprise station, if the professional is relatively high, you can’t write the original content of the time, the construction of the chain is particularly important to ensure the chain advantage. The chain to regular maintenance, pay attention to the breadth and quality of the chain. The construction of the chain should be stable, avoid range is too large, do not do the chain today, tomorrow one hundred outside the chain, do not have the background, therefore should be stable. It is not easy to be down right now, love Shanghai right down bigger, according to the observation of more than half of the website down right belongs to the construction of the chain of improper operation, often anxious, and made the.

2, stable server

surfing today to talk about web site optimization, after the keyword ranking of the first page, how to hold the keywords ranking, don’t let him fall down. China saying your keywords ranking fall, when do the home page, the back is looking at you, trying to outdo you, so the website optimization keywords ranking is very important. The main keywords by the method of stability.

How to stabilize the

update rules can be a day or two days or even a Monday, the degree of competition is more your keyword decided to update the rules of competition, the smaller frequency update, competitive update frequency point. Because maintenance generally do not need to update a large number of pages, so the quality is particularly important, learn surfing original, very beneficial to long-term development of the site.

already do the home page, this stage is to maintain, maintain the keywords ranking, so every day to check the indicators web site is indispensable. For example, the website included changes, changes of the chain website, website snapshot, website Links etc.. Wind technology found whether the site was attacked, whether it is linked to the horse, the horse is fatal, soon let you fall in love with the sea site was K, a not included, so the indicators suggest the query website surfing every day, to prevent the attack.

website optimization keywords ranking

The indexes of

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