Keywords ASO how to dig through hot events


word conversion is high, the user is easy to cultivate, but the competition is very fierce. We can choose to dig, emphatically here speak a little bit according to the hot events and case method of digging, digging according to the hot events in words, success, there are three preconditions:


We can see from the Keywords

, the peak of ‘field’ of the index reached a staggering about 600000, ASO optimization Masters timely if at the time of this kind of behavior into words, with the amount of effect will be.



the user has two benefits for developers: easy conversion, easy to culture.

example: in some time ago during the Olympic Games, a new generation of Indoorsman Fu Yuanhui goddess of fire, in the interview in a "funny" field force "is the cause of the fire Yuanhui Fu, so if the original pre prepared APP in time was" the keywords force ‘. Is not, there will be an unexpected effect? This is inevitable! We look at the relevant’ field ‘heat is love the Shanghai index.

ASO’s work is to improve the APP keyword to do, the result is that the user through the search for these keywords, and find their own products. The strategy of online on the APP keyword has a lot of knowledge, and tap the potential of high index keywords some commonly used methods will introduce the key here.

chat here will focus on the behavior of word mining methods’ behavior ‘is for certain types of user keywords and APP input, the user only a general download direction, there is no clear download target. For example, the user wants to download a APP reading class, he may be in the APPStore input ‘reading software’ ‘novel software’ behavior, and through the search results displayed by the APP and the choice of which APP download.

APP can be divided into three kinds:

word easy conversion, easy to culture because this type of search users attribute decision. I believe developers will find the brand keywords related competing products do first, with obviously at the same time, the retention rate is a no problem, this is because the user is to download a APP, but you put the APP brand to do the first, when users download your product and there will be a psychological, this comparison may be demanding, the quality of the products and competitive products there is a gap in general, users may choose to uninstall APP, and to go to download their products. But the behavior of words but no it concerns, so developers in the choice of keywords, my advice is to cover a key word behavior.

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