How to do the long tail keywords promotion Shanghai know love

B. answers the title and content for either questions or answers are carefully prepared, best original, don’t let others see.



A. will be released one day under the same IP task, don’t release too much. The best day don’t log on too much, don’t ask too many questions with a no..

1. love Shanghai account request:

Here we have to use the Execl

note content is best original, don’t let the user see is one of advertising information, do not want to see, pay attention to the layout, don’t be so crowded.


do long tail keywords should be very important to do the webmaster, long tail keywords bring traffic is a lot Oh, how to do the promotion of long tail keywords? Today and you about, how to use love Shanghai know do promotion long tail keywords.

3. is making headlines and answers

for 3 to 5 is better, for the consequences of excessive IP was sealed, apply to the account has been closed.

note: our question is the problem of users, users will ask how to think, not blindly to question, UE [] user experience is that we must consider the problem. In comparison, we should pay attention to, then the quantity.

love Shanghai love Shanghai known as one of the flagship product, is also the leader of love product in Shanghai. Love Shanghai has now become the Chinese search engine in the "emperor" to love the name of Shanghai is fully deserve, then love Shanghai know can also count on is the love of the Shanghai family of the "Prince", the Shanghai sea in love know love as can be imagined in numerous product position, then the natural love Shanghai to know the weight is one of the highest position in row, therefore, love Shanghai know for the importance of network promotion and optimization of Shanghai dragon.

table, Excel table is very important [. I hope you develop good habits], make a list of

method to solve this problem: the creation of love Shanghai know QQ group.

sex promotion long tail keywords error:

we want to promote the main keywords and long tail keywords, the distribution of our keywords uniform in all answers.

here to share, how to do the promotion of long tail keywords:

disadvantages: slow, trouble.

is common practice, several dozen registered, even more love Shanghai account, and then through the PVN transform, IP constantly, to carry out in question and answer form, [some people are not even IP, the result is certainly love Shanghai to know that your problem ruthless censorship]

The promotion of

2. Made a list of keywords

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