Strikers interesting jewelry nest analysis

by Hefei Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝anhui Shanghai dragon.Org, welcomed the links with


Live Tour" has not gone away (love Shanghai second page full), "jewelry nest" one after the other (has been removed). I go to, like Baidu million people spit jour, innocent suffer from all sides of the siege. Today is the station group siege, tomorrow is the keyword stuffing…… "If things go on like this will not swing". Why always hurt Baidu, and listen to the following decomposition.


objective reasons — defense. If the city is not easy to as strong as iron, easily captured. Well, I did not do a good job.

2, web application vulnerabilities, web server security. Although the open source can make change function strong but the potential threat should not be ignored, don’t give people left the back door is not. Server security is not to mention the evidence, ah, these.

two, because there is only the fruit

reproduced, thank you!

The original

1, Baidu search technology is not in place. This is easily "siege", this point Baidu indeed and GG in technology a big difference. The sea love keep country the most urgent is to improve the search technology, not Poguanposhuai was QJ every two or three days.

, 2 cornered. Love Shanghai to seize the search engine most of the country, and drive the Tencent in the market value of the first. But also in become aggravated suction gold, let people eat by the search engine’s life is becoming more and more difficult. Then the foot step ahead, make you embarrassed and embarrassed.

1, profitable. This simple keyword stuffing can achieve the purpose of Shanghai home surrounded by love, so we can create and so on many "jewelry nest", ten thousand steps back, even if not up to this effect, the ranking should still help speed.

subjective reasons – siege. It can prevent air defense without ah, Nb too many people, the so-called Two heads are better than one.

, a map with the truth.

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