Share a lot of people are in use but did not say the website promotion way

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if the thing is so simple, so, what website? B2B information is also flawed, the biggest mishap is that it is the third party platform, the platform is the free release of information, after the site to a certain extent, has restricted and unrestricted release to the limit from five, then from the five launched pay top, and then the introduction of membership, of course, to apply for membership.

and what is more, if the B2B site weight selection is high enough, and you are the latest release of information, as long as the audit success, then, may soon be included in search engines, and do a website optimization 35 months have no effect, is not much magic.

B2B website promotion, can cover the official website of the enterprise, why a lot of people do not say? The reason is very simple, is published in the B2B information is too simple, simple is not what to say, we may wish to look at the release of information on the web site B2B process.

to find the website registered, B2B platform generally must first register a user name, you can register directly through the website, some parts of the platform need certification business license business license, we can upload their registration, and then issued products, contact and QQ can be written.

registration, began to supply information released. Many companies are usually accustomed to corporate profiles issued up, this is the most simple, is the most representative of the enterprise information content.


search for a less well-known enterprises, usually do not see the official website of the enterprise, this enterprise, but released in the B2B information. For the vast majority of the traditional enterprises, the B2B website is one of the important channels to promote business but we found that in a variety of ways to promote the site, B2B site usually rarely mentioned, this is why


a lot of people who work in Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the first contact with website promotion, website information is B2B. Because the release of information in this website, has a variety of benefits, first of all, in the registered account, and the account registration difficulty was the first Internet resources. In the future the enterprise website optimization, these resources will always be used. Secondly, how boring, a lot of people say, Shanghai dragon is the most optimal no technical content, almost do not need to what degree can do, the key is that you can keep the loneliness, release information, websites such as monotonous, boring, many in the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix work the experience called the "devil training" is not too much, because after this, then the chain of the other, is a not too difficult to do. Finally, release the information in the B2B high weight website, is equivalent to the official website of the role, which caused a lot of enterprise official website to search, but in the B2B website "to open" excessive optimization.

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