Shanghai top secret sharing love search promotion practice

after a period of time after the trial, I found that in fact before the love Shanghai promotion and contacts in the train is very similar, so I quickly get started. Not much to say, directly above:


will appear after such a window. We can first search related words, such as "construction site", click on the search after, will appear under the relevant keywords, you can click on the back of the "daily search volume" and "competition" sort, these are your choice of reference. For example, you think the first keyword is good, click on it, he will automatically appear in the list box on the left side. After adding, select the extension unit, click save.

2) love Shanghai search drop-down box





1) show the amount of quantitative monitoring


love Shanghai sales promotion kit

well, if you have to do better than this cow, please direct right on X, if you can give me advice one or two, I think if I indebted forever; this article to you there is a two reference, welcome message in this article after reading interaction.

, a Shanghai love search promotion selection


I do before when Ali platform, operating Taobao train, such as treasure net sales promotion platform. Taobao train, like love Shanghai PPC, belong to the pay per click promotion. Now I in the operation of independent website, in order to get traffic, I choose to love Shanghai PPC as promotion platform.

search promotion, by what? Of course is the user search keywords! So where to find these words? Here are some common methods for obtaining keywords.

combat operations ideas

index (zhishu.baidu贵族宝贝) and love Shanghai love Shanghai sales promotion Kit (jinnang.baidu贵族宝贝)


1) love Shanghai promotion background: "add keywords" button


choose the words, I >

5) love Shanghai Search Ranking

3) at the bottom of search

what? You said you couldn’t find the button?…… I hope you’ll be familiar with the background operation.

love Shanghai index

personal feeling of the data how much can the audience.

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