Talk about the details of the early treatment of website optimization

title in the search engine ranking algorithm occupies a large proportion of. The standard method of the title, can not only get the favour of search engine and will make your site more advanced.

search engine algorithm change abandoned them, in order to take care of more search engines, recommendations or plus

keyword and description of second,

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the above three step appears to be simple, not easy to do. To check your site have similar problems. Details determine success or failure! To lay a solid foundation to cater to the search engine. Make your site better in performance. In this paper, by the Chengdu Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝028best贵族宝贝 webmaster submission please indicate the source

There will be a variety of

, the first title standardization


points: Site Title remember all, preferably not more than 32 characters in length. The title with a large number of key words repeated will appear in the station competition, the title of the page to meet the user search habits, can be an appropriate combination of love Shanghai word naming, is conducive to enhance the flow of the late.

website optimization problems in the process, need to optimize Shanghai Longfeng workers. Research on stochastic technology deeply, tend to ignore some basic knowledge of website optimization, the pursuit of more rapid ranking is often counterproductive. Only to lay a solid foundation, there will be more tall superstructure, so is the Shanghai dragon. Website optimization work depends on the site, and therefore must be familiar with the program module. Do in the station optimization can greatly improve work efficiency. Take Chengdu Shanghai dragon blog. Just begin to contact the Z-Blog do not know the structure of the program, I have written to start writing Title classification. Now go back and found many problems today, cruel down mercilessly toss a blog, to talk about handling the details of the site optimization.

, the third page layout


points to note: do not repeat the meta tag. A large number of repeat either from the user experience optimization or are there is no profit. Ingenious description can greatly improve the document hit rate.

home page weight is the highest, the most mature site traffic comes from the inside pages. The two Page effort is the most. The home page in addition to reasonable application of tag, remember repeat and meaningless content. Reasonable control of outbound links, connected with the dispersion may lead to weight. In addition to control the volume of the page, remove redundant. The smaller and more conducive to reduce the burden of crawling. Page optimization is the priority among priorities such as breadcrumbs, related articles, labels, etc. within the chain and pay attention to the appropriate keyword density.

Although the

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