Summary and forecast of the recent changes in the love of Shanghai

since Shanghai love sharing, more and more sites to install the code and analyze the rational use of. In order to better promote love, Shanghai on March 10, 2012 is the introduction of the so-called "love love Shanghai". Love Shanghai love is how many people behind the search results page snapshot of love love Shanghai. Of course there is gradually update the function. Love not only love to launch Shanghai users to share, love Shanghai detection and statistics. Can give a reference to identify user groups.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform is mainly to the webmaster can be more reasonable to optimize the website, through a series of tools for detection and diagnosis, which can effectively achieve the target effect. Launched in February 2012 29 volume index query tool is the tool and love Shanghai statistics based on the site statement is more perfect, after the March 13th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform also launched the site grab abnormal tool, the tool for stationmaster friends to discover abnormal condition, love Shanghai laid the foundation of the capture process.

2012 is the complex of the search engine industry, love Shanghai search engine in order to meet the needs of users to do when the big update, presumably a lot of Shanghai dragon -er have heard. Love in Shanghai big update is undoubtedly the webmaster friends brought the gospel, and of course by amplifying search engine defects webmaster friends also can be careful. Love the sea one after another that is causing your attention?

love Shanghai change two: love Shanghai search functions

Vigorously promote the function of

love Shanghai in late two: prediction of robots.txt file test function

why love Shanghai search function gradually improved? The author mainly from two aspects analysis and discussion. One is the love of Shanghai integrated search function to strengthen, on the other hand is to strengthen the search function localization. Shanghai integrated search function to strengthen the love embodied in the love of Shanghai news, Shanghai love picture. Of course, this is mainly their own products, but we also can make reasonable use of. Love Shanghai local search functions let us more effectively and quickly find the target, save a lot of time.

love Shanghai changes: the launch of

love Shanghai late change prediction one: to increase the preferred domain function

love Shanghai change three: love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched a new function of

and love Shanghai Webmaster Platform gradually improved, how can give up the preferred domain function? Many webmaster friends in considering the site 301 permanent redirect do not support space? How to do? Is a 301 redirect can use absolute address or the whole station added 301 to code, but are often so complex. Love Shanghai should consider this problem, the author of this prediction: preferred domain function will soon come out.

a lot of stationmaster friends are not.

love love of ShanghaiAfter

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