About three mistakes new webmaster easy to face

second, is related to the construction site, it is a keyword, stationmaster of a lot of freshmen love blindly chasing the popular keywords, and then a short time and do not go up, this is a direct blow to the original self-confidence, there are a lot of popular keywords are strong competition, in the beginning, no practice of time should not be too ambitious, looking for a popular keyword, looking for some value of the long tail word and then sit to the home page first, this will directly improve their self-confidence, after all, when you do the long tail more, you will feel later have more resources to do the more difficult words, but also for the after optimizing these words laid the foundation.

when we are just beginning to face the website, I believe all the face are at a loss, whether or Shanghai Longfeng construction site, are likely to face a lot of problems, in fact, I believe that these problems we have faced the most webmaster, here, the author himself had just started construction according to the site and thinking time Shanghai dragon to describe the feeling and thinking of it, when it is for some help new webmaster.

first of all, the construction site is not blind, find a good direction of their love, remember your first website belongs to Taobao customer type website, the API program is very crazy, but soon by Taobao K and Taobao need to turn off in a complete mess, type, but at the time of their own direct change the type is changed directly to the theme, now, this domain still has great influence, therefore, do a website, do not easily change the theme, even change the structure, then don’t change the subject, after all, the theme is the core, can not be easily replaced; Taobao began as a guest it is only a transition, an additional copy of the program, as the site itself is the best reward; and change the site theme, hand all the URL you will be lost, a few pages W The chain is lost, lost, and lost directly to your domain name cannot be recovered, here is an experience, the site of the experience, the site should be good to do so.

of Shanghai dragon, new Shanghai dragon have to do is to hold their own in Shanghai Longfeng, when you stand in the optimization of a large number of Companies in the company network, do not think that Shanghai dragon how competent, how to say how to >

again, referred to the Shanghai dragon, ahead of time, learning Shanghai dragon, do not think that read a few articles in Shanghai that Shanghai dragon dragon data is very simple, in fact, Shanghai dragon is very broad and profound, there is too much knowledge we need to practice, but these theories cannot conform, must have their own thinking on the inside, or you’re a theory, not an actual school, these 2 schools are now a lot of people are facing, think Shanghai dragon learn almost, but they were not real, these theories, the Shanghai dragon is unable to analyze the knowledge we need to, so here are the first to.

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