360 screen website how to solve

1 security guards, and then switch to the [function Daquan] option

3 if you want to completely close the net shield, you can access this option [protection], four switch, click on the icon in the closing of them, so you blocked sites can also browse.


Open your


2 in the corpus of the search box, search [360] network shield. The following list must have a net shield, just too much content, as a direct search, press enter can directly open the net shield

remove too much advertising: especially pop-up ads, not very annoying, but easy to be shielded. Try to use a picture or Flash format ads, if you must use pop-up ads, you can use the back playing advertising, when to exit the page will pop up.




method two: webmaster for

360 screen website there are two kinds of people need to solve this problem, the first is the general Internet users, we want to visit a web site, but the 360 masked, at this time we are going to set up network shield; the second person is a webmaster, his website is 360 will be wasted, one who is? The following for the two groups I offer two methods.



delete the Trojan virus program: for the webmaster, see your site is 360 screen, must first think of is that their website is not a horse, first of all you have to do is to delete the Trojan program.

reduce the download link: the download link is too easy to network shield manslaughter, so to reduce the link that can be downloaded directly, can link encryption, or set the permissions for download [login to download], which can to some extent prevent 360 manslaughter.

5 if you want to block the site, you can enter the URL in the address bar, and then click on the right side of the [add to list] stop this button.


4 or

: a method for general users


, you just want to be able to browse the website you want to see the normal, and not want to close the net shield, you can switch to the [stop] trust options, and then click on the [url] block list, find you want to browse the web site in the open list, and then click on the right side of the [delete]

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