Examples of share right down the website how to make fast recovery

2, the content of the website change. Due to the site early on the station anchor text added is too small, the station optimization is not enough, so I was content to be simple modification of the anchor text of each article to add 1 key words.

3, the link is too single. In fact, I used the resource is always before your own resources, while the period did not develop new resources, resulting in the simplification of the link, link resource is not wide enough.

In fact, 2,

4, the chain quality is not high enough. Because there are more than 200 industry websites, so in the industry on the website information are included but the quality is not high, the chain growth is slow.

based on the above points, I think it’s time to change do not stop thinking, so after my immutable and frozen, careful thinking, decided to follow the following steps to implement my site recovery plan:

1, the

to write such an article, mainly is for me this month to make a station summary, it is really happening on my website, for such an experience, only he experienced to know the site near only and not easily won, we can go to the webmaster keenly aware of. So today I mainly described last month in May 2nd PR update, I pr down, and now the process back to the origin of the value of PR.

of the site title change. Because going to keywords reassigned to a different page, and let them have their own place, so I put each page in the title will be changed, is not the original unity of title and description.

may not value the PR value, but I think this is wrong, the PR value of an official statement is also a Google on site scores, is very valuable, and I also feel the PR value decline, not only let me down and some of the words, and the flow rate is also decreased this indicates that the PR value, more importance on the site, and the weight of love love Shanghai has not acknowledged that Shanghai official said, just the webmaster tools query the ratings given that according to the standard but is calculated by the site keywords to judge the weight value of high and low flow. Here I do not want to say in the end there is much difference between the two, debate is left to others, because I believe that if the site is done, this heart should have a standard to judge their own. And now the most important thing is to restore Google’s PR value, and find out the reason, and make relevant recovery plan, now, after my careful thinking, I think the following reasons, now the reasons are as follows:

Now many webmaster

1, station optimization. Increase the pseudo original efforts, and complete the 1-3 article about the article in the morning, while the previous article make minor modifications.

restart the soft article submission plan. Because the webmaster friends all know that one way to get good source of the chain, is to write a good article, contribute to the webmaster site

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