According to the recent Google included reducing the cause of speculation

The Note:


website established early when there is always a part of the content of low false original or direct copy reproduced, at the same time there will be a lot of the webmaster and Google Adsense site does not comply with the guidelines and contrary to the situation in the construction site early on, to a certain time Google will set according to their own time to deal with.

in good health! According to Google

note the site without Shanghai Longfeng excessive optimization; attention ranking website Google search keywords; pay attention to the combination of Google webmaster tools for self correct information, to ensure that the site of

PR this year the average monthly update rate, PR has not yet updated since August this year to now, so I guess that the new Google website for this period of time out and did not complete processing site for a data cleaning, go to a PR update for a next, I guess Google PR next update rate is relatively large.

: a PR update to prepare

PR last updated in August this year, a total of 2011 updated 10 times, including 3 times substantially updated, as shown below:

Google PR update


recently, the website through Google webmaster tools to see the website itself because there are many dead revision addresses, and combined with the log recently found Google crawl like crazy, soaring, plus Google 90 days treatment site has been submitted after death. So I think the site of the dead link in Google slowly cleared, before joining Google was collected, and now in the clear, as long as the site to which every day new page is cleared the number of pages, your website will reduce the situation. The owners do not need to worry about, as long as the site health, whether before the cause of the website, as long as Google keywords ranking stable can also let Google itself slowly clean.


webmaster website, search for major domestic and international love Shanghai Google, with Google exit for one year Chinese, but Google’s PR update and included the search rankings are domestic attention every day. Recently, with the Google low-key to enter the domestic information after the outbreak, the author found that the recent site at the beginning of a total collection of Google gradually reduced, every website Google included only less known, the site began to gradually decline since the beginning of December Google rose to the highest point, through observation and summary, I guess there are three reasons:

three: focus on emerging

website set up to now, just one year, the website data through their website and several competing control that have different degrees of reduction, so the author thinks that Google recently is probably not a long time on the station site

two: clean up duplicate spam or


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