Web page navigation Optimization resolve Title repetition and weight dispersion

A5 page title

2. a large number of duplicate content, page title and URL significance of diversification.

1. users invalid clicks, page retention time is short, high bounce rate.

3. page picture ALT attribute, increase the workload of editors, web server may increase the load loading.

The core content of the 4. page Determine and add

5. page will lead to scattered links, anchor text, PageRank points to the target page. Let the search engine is not easy to judge the pages as weight transfer page.

associated with the next page bearing relationship between easily confused, will cause the search engine grab included error.

2, due to the large number of duplicate content page generated, especially in the web page title repetition is the most obvious, the problem such as we use more programs. CMS and WordPress will meet the paging, although there are a lot of friends will pay attention to this problem, but also there are many websites will ignore the problem, such as the difference of famous Adsense website A5 and Chinaz in the page when there is no attention to the page title:

of course, it may be a little carp, but the solution is very simple, let each page title have differences, the title can be written as "title + page title + site" solution for CMS paging is dedecms column list:

Chinaz page title

for these five things, some of my own views here to talk about:

if you have articles on page optimization seriously look at Alvin ‘s Shanghai dragon Blog blog, you probably know the web page will have some negative impact on Shanghai dragon, and these negative effects may be on the website of the user experience caused some obstacles, in the love of Shanghai attaches great importance to the user experience, we really need to do some work for these negative effects. The first look at the Alvin for us to sort out the page to the search engine optimization is bad:

1 for invalid clicks and the residence time of the user, the bounce rate high, because the need to completely according to the user’s preferences, and the search engines for this part of the algorithm is also very vague, we do not know how to control the degree of bounce rate, make web pages more in line with the search engine requirements, not controllable factors here. Too strong, so the only thing we can do at this point is to please the user, to attract users to stay through the fine content, personal feel can refer to the three point: A, enrich the content, layout clear, reduce the burden of reading for users; B and fancy pictures, to attract users to click and stay in the picture; C station, guidance, avoid the flow out of direct loss.

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