The webmaster how to deal with the search engine ranking


1, the new

This is the most


a lot of people that own some keywords that do not have, in 100, and even the inside pages of the rankings will appear in 100, but in 1000 in the home can not find. The site did not drop right, some keywords are ranking home, what reason is this


analysis of small Lai owners:

love Shanghai for a period of website quality, we can imagine that if the keywords website 3 kinds of different industries, so there must be a class of words in the 100 thought, and very difficult. The second is the love of Shanghai website analysis, found the keywords associated with the site is independent, so no matter how high the weights of the website, it is difficult to appear ranking.

to do, or is this accumulation in 100 think in words, increase the density and let love Shanghai improve the relevance on the website. If it is not related to the type of words, it is hard to deal with, but also can do a website, do these words alone. Do this keyword after 100, the best way is, do stand inside and outside the station, such as a month or so, there is always hope there. For example: I have a station, keywords hotel linen, non slip mats, hotel bedding, safety towels, more than 4 words in our own that is the same type of industry, but the word love Shanghai method do not think so, love? Will Shanghai as three class, we can study the specific according to the "reference link" >

2, the old station

Solution: The

in the railway station, had better not on-line is not good, the best is a one-time upload, and adding products and news in the short term, to strengthen the quality of the station, so that it can have a collection of search engine ranking. The new sites included rankings, is estimated to be over two weeks, ranking will be a major upgrade, also tired all Shanghai dragon in the two weeks to do inside and outside the station.

keyword search engine has been ranked the 100, or even 1000 are not found, in fact that everyone has encountered, or do, hit the update, some keyword search engine ranking fell to 100 after, but there is a snapshot and included and the chain did not change. There are also some rankings, of course does not rule out the new station. Now Xiaolai webmaster according to different situation to provide you a few tips.

station to see the website quality, if the quality is good, love to Shanghai can be submitted and will be included in the ranking, some 100 outside, you can be sure it is the index is too high, the website related degree is not up to. Another situation is not included, is included within a week, so this certainly included in the 100 later, the website quality.

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