The new version of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform page optimization suggestion tool

love Shanghai "page optimization suggestion tool" detection:




love Shanghai "page optimization tool" gives the score:

he test so many things including speed, or frame or alt, URL, image length, error link, with the same resources or etc… In fact tell us one thing, the website want to love Shanghai a good impression of the thing to do is to make your site more favorable spider (spider crawling work easier, of course will give you a good impression). Suggest that you go to try it, the station optimization page there is some reference value, I hope it will be more perfect. Now can not meet our needs. Original: Shanghai dragon



love Shanghai "page optimization tool" suggests

recently love Shanghai webmaster tools the emergence of a "new page optimization suggestion tool" is the former Shanghai Longfeng suggestion tool, before the detection of the contents of this little seems to improve some. Open the tool after see the official introduction of tools: good writing, format specification ", can help users better understand the web, search engine friendly. This tool can detect whether the web search engine friendly and give advice. This tool can help us detect what? I used the "research center of Beijing Shanghai dragon site optimization keywords the site to do the test" we can see:

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