Whether gov cn has effect on the optimization of the domain name suffix

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through the love of Shanghai advanced search command inurl query and intitle after the first gov.cn sites we simply analyze. Obviously, this is a network company website, specializes in Shanghai dragon search engine optimization.

webmaster tools on the screenshot can be seen in a more than two years old domain name, domain name and record are government agencies. I believe here, we can see some problems? A special Shanghai Longfeng optimization company, 2 year old domain name, Google pr=3, why love Shanghai weight is 0

In this paper,


Gov.cn is dedicated to our government departments, government departments is an important mark of our government website.


first of all, to tell you the two domain name suffixes represent what


see here, what Jiaxing Shanghai dragon seems to understand that the gov.cn domain name suffix site could make a lot of Shanghai dragon who mistakenly believe that the weight is very high, because most of the government website content is original, and the general government website has the authority, the construction of the chain they do not have to consider, will naturally have as they produce the chain.

one said, a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel have stressed the gov.cn suffix class domain name than we used com suffixes for high weight, Shanghai Longfeng perspective is also better to do. Today Jiaxing Shanghai dragon through case analysis and their talk about this view.


whether com or gov.cn domain name or domain name or not, the domain name suffix will give you ranking, according to the government website (gov.cn) and education website (edu.cn) analysis, the original web site content, the quality of the chain is the same law of Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

from Jiaxing, Shanghai dragon website optimization (贵族宝贝jxhot.cn) network technology in Jiaxing Hao, please link with

Com is currently the most widely used international domain, GTLD is also one of the earliest.

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